Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Tromping We Will Go

This Christmas season has been a blast because we are up in Nashville, TN, instead of our home {sweet home} Orlando, FL.

Now, I am still partial to Florida- there is no way on God's green earth that I will ever think TN is a great place to live (sorry Mom and Dad,) and it just can't hold a candle to living in FL.

However, it does have its merits for being a great visiting spot during the winter.

Visiting, not living, is great (and I really liked early fall here!)

Not that it's pretty out or anything now.

In fact its gray and cold and rainy 75% of the time, (beautiful right?)

I digress.

The catch is, it's cold, which Florida is not. And the truth is, that it being cold makes it alot easier for people (in general,) to feel like it is the holidays!

(not for me though, I like my holidays sunny with a high of 68, please.)

All of that to say, that a couple of weeks ago, Ian, my mom, and I headed out to a local tree farm to cut down our own Christmas tree.

(my honey was going through a 'beard' growing experiment, which has since been shaved. Hallelujah!)

It was quite the experience, let me tell you!

We tromped o'er the grassy (stump filled) field, until we found the perfect tree.

Taller than Ian's 6 foot 3 frame, full, green, with no holey areas!

Lumber jack Ian was put to work!

Isn't my momma beautiful?

Then, we carried it up to the barn, where workers measured, trimmed, and loaded it onto our car!

And sweet hubby helped to put the tree into the stand and carry it in!

More on the decorating later!


xoxoKrysten said...

My hubby and I keep saying we need to move somewhere warm because we are HATING WI winters and it gets worse every year. Maybe we should give FL a try... hmm...

Elizabeth said... fun to be out in the cold and to pick your tree. That will really get you in the christmas spirit! Look forward to see the tree decorated!!

Callie said...

Oh, how lovely! What a beautiful tree. Can't wait to see it decorated!