Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Sometimes I forget if I've actually posted on a topic.

Take, for example, our trip to see the Magic play. I don't think I delved into it...not that I now really remember much, due to my lack of interest.

How long until college football starts up again?

8 months?!

Well, Que sera.

Then, 3 days later, we got the opportunity to go watch one of my favorite little men tear it up on the bball court.

He might only be 4 but he is fierce.

There were even several wrestling matches between kids as they fought over whose turn it was with the ball.

Highly entertaining.

WAY more than the professional league.

Then again, this league doesn't keep track of score, which is kind of a cop out, I think.

His team should have won. They were just too darn cute!


Kelley said...

he is so cute!

Elizabeth said...

Gotta love basketball!!!! He is so so so cute!!!!!

katie said...

Cute!! I didn't know little ones like that were already playing basketball.

p.s. I had to look up the meaning of que sera. Learned something new today!

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, this is too cute!

Brittany said...

What a little hunk! :)

Tori said...

Adorable!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am seriously considering buying the tea set...just need to wait until my "impluse" buying fund goes up a little, haha!

Have a great rest of the week!

Heather said...

what little cutie's out there playing, love baskbetball, but you know that. :)

Emily said...

I'm telling ya- if pro bball was as wild as pre-k bball, the ratings would go through the roof! Who knew tackling worked so well in bball? Leave it to my Zachary!

Callie said...

Oh, how cute! Looks like fun!