Monday, January 4, 2010

Shots and Such

Tomorrow morning I have to get shots.

Two of them, in fact.

Two FLU shots.


Our company requires us to have both of these vaccines before arriving at our training center. They are trying to prevent a mass epidemic among the trainees who are living in close quarters, which I understand.

I'm not totally against flu shots {like I wouldn't picket a flu shot clinic or anything} but I don't think they are really necessary for healthy individuals and I have never, ever gotten a flu vaccine.

Not to mention that darn H1N1 and all of that unnecessary hype.

Have I mentioned, bleh?

I actually have no problem with shots, I just don't like that I am being forced to get these shots when I wouldn't have naturally chosen to get them.

Our company said that if we had an issue with these vaccines, we could wait another 6 months before coming to training.


That would be six more months of living with our parents, no income, and no insurance!

So I'll just suck it up and pray that I don't contract the flu from the vaccine!

On a much more happier note......We have insurance!!!!!

Ian and I haven't been on health care insurance for over a year and a half, since our jobs were only part time.

We've worked really hard to get to the point where we think we deserve the privilege of insurance and are so excited to be able to breath a little easier!

And, I'll stick to my guns that insurance is a privilege and that people should work hard to earn it!

Because, Oh how sweet the reward when you do.

Hence, the dr visit tomorrow for those shots.

That's all!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you cannot get the flu from the flu shots... it is possible to have the same side effects as other vaccines, though (low grade fever, etc.)

I agree with your stance on insurance!

Jessica said...

I understand your apprehension about the whole flu shot thing...I am the same way. But I would also probably just go ahead and get them instead of waiting 6 more months, too :-) And that's so awesome about health insurance! I'm so glad Luke has great insurance through his job, because I've visited the dr. or dentist probably 10 or 12 times in the year-and-a-half we've been married! Which is 10 or 12 times more than normal :-P Hopefully you guys stay healthy and you won't have to use it too much ;-)

katie said...

I had to get them both too, because I am being treated for asthma. I wasn't thrilled with the idea, but I got through it ok!

Kristin said...

ugh that would make me so mad if i had to get both! i HAVE to get the regular shot every year. i never did until i started working in the hospital but i do it since i signed on there and stuff. but still, urgh!
but yay for health insurance!!

Emily said...

Britt, I'm sure your doctor will tell you this...make sure you are over your bad cold before you take those vaccines! If your immune system is down with something else, you can get the flu....I know because I've done it. It wouldn't be a full blown case, but it would still be unpleasant. At least it's not a blood draw- that's worse than a vaccine! Hope it goes as quickly and painlessly as possible!

Lauren said...

YUCK!!! I actually really do HATE shots! However, woohoo for having insurance, what a weight off your shoulders!

Elizabeth said...

I hate getting shots!! Ahhhhh!!! It is a wonderful thing to have great health insurance because not everyone has it! :-)

Courtney said...

Hi friend! At the least the shots are done with and I got to see you. That makes a double woohoo!

Amy said...

I agree with you about the shots but sometimes you just gotta do things. Hope you stay healthy through your training!

Callie said...

You said it Friend - insurance and good health care are priveledges, not rights!