Monday, January 18, 2010

Week Three- Project 365

I was at the end of my rope with my camera, plus the battery wouldn't hold a charge, so my lack of effort is reflected in some of these.

Our storage unit. We spent alot of time here this past week, getting everything ready for shipping and crating.

The Magic Kingdom! I really, really like this shot! Except I had to edit a crane (not the bird,) out of it because they were taking down Christmas pictures!

Mexican night at Girls' Night! We had Enchiladas, homemade salsa, pico de gallo, and Guacamole and enjoyed lots of chatting.

Didn't you know I went to Morocco? Well, in Epcot, that is! Love the typical FL clouds in this one!

Dessert with the A kids on Friday night! I warned Abigail that those gummi worms wouldn't fair well in the oven when we went to bake her cookie pizza, but, alas, she didn't listen. Hers ended up in a crazy mess and was inedible.

My attempt at shooting in almost the complete dark! This was at an improv comedy club in Orlando, called SAK. It was wonderful!

Last minute purchases and packings. Lots of decorative items that will be hard to find in the Middle East. Plus, a special monogrammed jar from our family friend, Mrs. Angela!


Elizabeth said...

What fun photos you have!! :-) Great work this week!! Enjoy taking photos with your new CAMERA!!!

Angela said...

HOW FUNNY are the cookies!!! You have made so many WONDERFUL memories with my kids....I love you beyond words Britt. Great pictures!

Callie said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the architecture pics - those are really good!