Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 8-Project 365

{I love this picture. The shoes on the left are the leather work boots of a dad here, and the little pink rain boots are his daughter's. Just precious.}

{Birthday present!! (my birthday was tuesday the 16th...kind of forgot to post about that.) It's a Jill-E bag, which is an amazing camera bag system. It is a little big for my one camera and one lens, but I intend on branching out on lenses sometime soon!}

{2 kids from my quad got me these two flowers and some candy for Valentine's day. They were absolutely gorgeous when they bloomed!}

{wow, this was fun. I had all four kids from my quad help me cook cupcakes for the next day. I'm on the children's team here and we were going to have cupcakes for the kids to decorate after they finished getting their first round of shots. Anyways, we had a blast with music and baking and a little bit o dancing going on in that little kitchenette!}

{Girl Scout cookies anyone? This was the 19 boxes that my quad ordered! (four families- one who only ordered one box of thin mints.) Six boxes were ours but we are saving them, and haven't opened one yet!}

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katie said...

Lots of cookies! Cupcakes sound delish.

And happy (now very) belated birthday!!