Friday, March 26, 2010

In the Sunshine State

We're finally "home,"

even if it is only for four days.

We had a minor disaster of a day today

(but more on that tomorrow, after I've slept on it and can laugh about it.)

We had our favorite mexican place.

I went with my father in law to the wonderful place that is Costco.

We got our trunks almost all packed and ready for the road trip to Nashville/flight to Vancouver.

I'm loving the heat.

I forgot about the humidity.

My hair is officially a 'fro.

Our plans for tomorrow include a walk to a local estate sale, only to browse of course.

My camera is going to be unpacked in 2 minutes so I can take my picture of the day.

I've been loving on my brand new laptop! Downloading iTunes, Picasa, and Firefox.

I think I've just about got all of my music in order.


I hope ya'll are doing wonderful!


Courtney said...

Probably the best title of any of your posts! yay friend!

Kelley said...

I love costco! It's a wonderful place!