Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 10- Project 365

I'm really behind on posting pictures. So here is March 1-March 7.

I really AM taking a picture every day, just this darn lack of internet is making it a little more difficult to post them!

Impromptu $4 centerpiece for one of the tables at the wedding shower I was planning for my sister!

More wedding shower decorations. I bought a kit to make these tissue paper balls, and then tried to replicate them with regular tissue paper. Didn't work out like I'd hope. But this pink one was pretty!

I bought the BEST game prizes ever. All from the lovely Crate&Barrel. There is a cutting board with a dish towel, a giant "Breakfast" cup and saucer with a variety of tea bags, and a cute green mug with a honey bee stick and a tin of blood orange tea!

Once I bought my dress for the Bridal shower, I realized I had gotten rid of all of my dress sandals in preparation for the move. T@rget fixed that pretty quickly though!

Red Velvet cake balls were one of the desserts on the menu for the shower. They turned out a little wonky because the chocolate wasn't very good quality. They were a big hit though!

*Sigh* I'm really happy with the general feel of the shower. I went for a pretty unique feel. More on that later. Here were our Georgetown cupcakes and homemade cake balls all on display.

Our next training {April-July} takes place in Canada. Alot of us aren't super pleased about having this road block in our travels {albeit a pretty cool road block} so I think the directors of the training are trying to bribe us into complacency. They sent these Kit-Kat esque candy bars called Coffee Crisp, which turned out to be pretty good. A little dry, but I think that's because they are supposed to be dipped into coffee.

Hence the name.


Jessica said...

Love the pictures! It looks like the shower was beautiful :-)

Emily said...

Great pics, Britt! The food looks scrumptious- especially the velvet cake balls! The decorations are pretty, cheerful, and fun! You are quite the little Martha Stewart- except you are young, and sweet, and don't have a mean bone in your body! A very good thing!

Jules said...

this post makes me happy. i love the springy colors and cheery mood! also, i have a slight obsession with "breakfast" or "cafe" (or whatever they call them) bowls!

Brian and Ashley said...

The flip flops are super cute! And the paper balls are great! Your pictures are fabulous Brittney!

Angela said...

You are a wonderful sister! I sure would have loved to have been there!!!

Unknown said...

You have good photog skills :)

Anonymous said...

I loved it all! Thanks, D!

Lauren said...

Love all those pictures! The stuff for the shower is adorable!

Tori said...

Okay just gotta say, LOVE COFFEE CRISPS. Everytime my dad goes to Canada he brings them back for us kids =)

Kate said...

Love the pictures. I agree, love the stuff from Crate & Barrel.

So are you finished with training after your time in Canada...?