Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Indian in The Doorway

Though not as enchanting as the childhood favorite, "The Indian in the Cupboard,"

my story at least has the "creepy," factor you can't get anywhere else.

First, not to be derogative, but we're talking Dot not Feather.


So, I was cooking in our kitchen {duh,} the other day, and had the sliding glass door open.

Ian had run out to get milk or something, so I was home alone.

Suddenly, I hear a knock and a "hello!" at our open sliding glass door.

I peep my head around the corner and see a large Indian man, turban and all, standing in my door.

{secretly grab large kitchen knife...try to think of where cell phone is. Thing "will my neighbors even care if I scream for help?}f

I go up to man and say hello, using my body presence to kind of push him back out of the door way and out onto the front porch.

He, through broken English, explains that he is looking for a new home and would like to tour ours.


I explain our house is not for sale, and point to the Realtor signs just feet away and say those are for houses in the complex, but not for ours.

He doesn't really understand me and waits expectantly for his tour.

I say, "no tour, our home."

And close the sliding door.

And lock it.

And bolt it.

And pray for Ian to return.

(strange man hangs around for about 15 Mississippi's until he ambles off.)

See? Not as cool as the book, but definitely more creepy!


Chelsea said...

That is SO scary!!!! I would have been crying hysterically! I am a wuss though. I am glad it was just a misunderstanding and that he left on his own!

Brittany said...

holy buckets! I think I would have peed my pants! You did th right thing! I know that sometimes as women we feel we have to be "nice" and "sweet" and "Polite" all the time.. but truth is! Sometimes we need to be safe and smart!


Lauren said...

Wow, totally not cool! I would have been freaking out as well!

Jessica said...

I would not have known what to do! I would have been creeped out as well

Erin said...

So scary!!!

Brian and Ashley said...

Crazy! He just came right in- I would have freaked out. At least you effectively got him out of there!

AmyK said...

Ack! Creepy. I hate it when things like that happen to happen when the husband is out for a moment!