Monday, April 26, 2010

Photography Thoughts And Other Whatnots

I was reading an article today from MCP about how annoying it is when people ask you what camera you use, implying that the only reason your photos turn out the way they do is the equipment that you use.

Also implying that as soon as they get their hands on the same equipment they will have pictures as good as yours.

And, I have to agree.

Not that I have a ton of experience with that or anything, seeing as I'm not very good, but after recently posting some favorite pictures on FB I was immediately asked what camera I had.


Yeah, it was strange.

To prove my point a little bit, there is a girl, also on FB, who just got a camera that is 3x more expensive than mine and she has been trying her hand at the whole photography thing. And, even though her camera is AWESOME and would totally rock my world, her pictures aren't amazing.

It almost pains me to look at them. (that sounded way more horrible than I meant, please continue reading!) I mean, I can see how great the picture would be if the ISO was lowered, F stop adjusted, or SS messed with.

{remember, I'm not at all talking about how this person is or is not a great photographer, I'm just making a point that the camera doesn't make the pictures great or not.

With all of that said....

I'm so tired of my lens!!!!

I feel so limited in what I can or can't take!

Haha. I'm a walking contradiction, aren't I?

I REALLY want this baby:

From Amazon.

It's inexpensive, it has about the same focal length as the kit lens that my camera came with (which, I really want a bit more, but oh well,) but the great thing is how low the aperture can go. I love getting the "haze," look and bookah in my pictures, but my lens stops at 5.6 ( boo .)

Anyways, that's it for now on my whining. Sorry about that. I've just noticed I've become alot less interested in taking pictures in the past two weeks because I

a.) never carry my camera with me

b.) there is no people around us when I DO have it

and I'm feeling a bit discouraged. Maybe I'll work up the courage to ask some of our friends to let me do a photo shoot with them.....


LeAnna said...

I totally and completely understand this! I have a few friends who think that if they get a nicer camera it will automatically make then a great photographer. Not so much...While good equipment does make a difference, you kind of have to have a knack for it, ya know? Then they always have people in their lives that tell them their pictures are magazine worthy, and yadda yadda yadda and they're really no better than anyone else's scrapbook. BUT, that being said, practice can definitely improve a persons skill. :) You should definitely get that lens! I have a Nikon, and the Nikkor equivalent of it, and it is AWESOME. I have a 18-270mm zoom lens that rarely ends up on my camera unless I'm outside, because that prime lens takes amazing pics, especially indoors.
I'm really wanting to seriously start taking pics for people, too, but my deal is that photographers are a dime a dozen in my area. So, I just beg friends and family for their faces, and pray one day it might be more...meanwhile it's great practice. Good luck!

Justine said...

I just bought a DSLR not too long ago, and we bought that lens with it and I LOVE IT!!! The difference in the quality between pictures I take with this lens and the kit lens is incredible!! BUY IT!! :) Haha

Brian and Ashley said...

I have been itching for a new lens too, though I can't figure out which one to get. I just want options to be more creative. Hopefully you can get the lens!

Callie said...

Oh, you could totally do a photo shoot with me if we lived closer! Derek and I need some good, NEW, pictures together. Badly.
Brittney, you should totally do a series of posts on how to take a good picture. Because there are some photo-illiterate (yes, I invented the term) people like me who could really benefit.