Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 16- Project 365

Made my first lasagna....ever! It was so good, and has lasted all week! What a great source of leftovers. When I make it again, I'll actually follow directions and not top the whole thing off with noodles....they dried out.

Also, another first...homemade cinnamon rolls! I made PW Cinnamon Rolls as a treat for class, and they were delicious. The one batch made a little more than 5 dozen! They have this great mocha ish icing that sets them apart.

Oh, sweet boy. Ian and I got to babysit for the J man while his parents went out on a date. I can't wait until we get to do this again!

Our front porch. I came home and slept after work on Thursday so I didn't take any good pictures. Boo.

Haha, I like this picture for some reason. Little Emma's legs framed through the playground equipment.

Another view from our front door. It will be really lush in a month or two! Did you know Vancouver is actually classified as a rainforest? Crazy.

My towel hook broke. :( I had to super glue it and this picture resulted.


Brittany said...

WHY OH WHY did you have to have that lasagna? I want it now SO bad! I might have to make that my "splurge" meal of the week! My mom makes an incredible roasted veggie lasagna. YUM! :)

Love the pics!

Jessica said...

LOVE the picture taken through the playground equipment! And your food looks delicious

katie said...

Love the outside pics. I want to see more of Vancouver!!

Also... what kind of camera do you use? :) just kidding because of your last post.

BUT... I am planning on making those cinnamon rolls for family and friends traveling for my graduation, so I'm thrilled that they taste good.

Sereina said...

I want some of that lasagna!

Unknown said...

I miss that little guy's face! I'm jealous you got to babysit...hopefully my chance is coming soon enough.