Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 15- Project 365

Pray*Give*Go* That's kind of our motto around here. My "jewelry bowl" broke in the move. So it's now a knick knack bowl until I convince Ian I need THIS pottery Barn jewelry box.

Uggh. I hate that the focus wasn't right on this one. Stupid monkey harness. I love the look on her face and her bright green jacket!

Ummm, yes. This is how I hang up my laundry to dry.
Please, no questions.

Hmph. This picture makes me *feel* like I'm in the NorthWest. Which I am. So that's good.

She's one of my favs to photograph! Great smile, vibrant personality. Fun.

Heather's blondies.... Immediately after this picture was taken, I picked up the pan to move it to a different spot with more light....and dropped it all over the floor. Molten chocolate and peanut butter pieces sprayed everywhere. It was not pretty.

I was just upset that I couldn't get my good picture!

So...Yes. I really didn't want to touch my camera today, but seeing as I "committed," to it and all, I snapped a picture of our baking chicken. LOL. Not very artsy, I know. But you can see the horrible effects of the Canadian brand of Fantastic on glass. Yup. I have no shame.


Emily said...

Great pics, Britt! I think I gained a pound or two looking at the blondies! As tragic as it was that you dropped them...it probably saved you about 100 workouts of the Shred! Not digging the Canadian Fantastic on the oven...try a spray bottle with white vinegar and water...pretty windows every time and it's cheap! It can also greenly clean a bunch of surfaces safely!

Lauren said...

Yum...those blondies look delicious...even if they did end up in the floor! So sad!!

I have been known to dry my laundry in that fashion...don't be embarrassed!