Sunday, May 2, 2010


Funny how sometimes time seems to pass so quickly.

This week was one of those times.

{well, if I'm being honest, this MONTH has been one of those's MAY already?!?}

We seemed to be on the go from the time my snooze alarm went off at 7:15 to the time when we fell in bed at 11:30 out of pure exhaustion.

We seemed to get nothing done on our "to do" list.

Some things that did happen:

I avoided grocery shopping...for 2 weeks.

I may have had bread/potatoes for 5 meals straight with no meat which led me to crying hysterically in my husband's arms going "I need protein!"

I still haven't gone grocery shopping, and probably won't until Wednesday (our day off.)

I have realized that Arab parenting style does not match up with what I believe in. Like, at all.

I taught my first ESOL accent reduction class.

And I don't know much about accent reduction.

It's very interesting.

I became very sleep deprived, as our sun is rising super early and starting to set even later (6 am to 9 pm.)

Which led me to the decision that we need some black out curtains.

Which led me to the realization that we'll have to wait until our next paycheck...on the 15th.


I went to my first progressive dinner...via public transportation. It took FOREVER.

And I bought my first book in Canada. Despite the cost.

Alright. That's all folks. A real post should be coming soon. For now, I must get some sleep. I have to get up at 5:15 tomorrow to go to a marathon! Wahoo!


katie said...

oh goodness girl! I hope you got some protein.

Praying for you!

OlyviaNoel said...

Sounds like a crazy, exciting time for you two! I admire you for staying strong, with or without protein :) Praying for you both!

chloƫ. said...

i totally hear you on the avoiding food shopping/NO protein thing. if i don't get enough protein, i get really weak and shaky and it's not fun.

Lauren said...

Hope you're able to take a big deep breath this week ! I think my body would be screaming for protein as well!