Thursday, May 6, 2010

In the News

I might kick myself later for writing about this, but I was very intrigued to see what you, the blog community, had to say about two different news stories that have happened lately...

The first one, linked HERE, is about how five American students, who go to an American high school, were asked to leave campus yesterday for wearing t shirts with an American flag on it. They were first asked to turn their shirts inside out, as to not offend the Mexican-American student community, but when they refused, they were asked/told not to go back to class.

I need to note that nowhere in this article does it say it is against school policy to wear clothing with any sort of emblem or picture.

What do you think? Regardless of the boys intentions, (where they trying to upset their largely Mexican-American classmates?) was it right/moral/ethical for those children to miss school because of the principal trying to be careful of the "racism," line?

The second article, which I'll link HERE but the site has been crashing since it made national news last night so I'll recap it for you (to the best of my abilities.)

Ann Arbor, Michigan. An elementary school, specifically the fifth grade. The principal decides to host a field trip, but ONLY for the black students. He wants to inspire them by bringing in an African-American rocket scientist. The black students go to the field trip, and when they return, their white/or non black classmates "Boo," them. The principal comes in and gives them a stern lecture (oh, I could only imagine the term "racism," being dropped by this guy!)

Let me note, that as an educator, I am just dying inside. If the principal had done this field trip on merit based status (perhaps the lowest ranking 25% of students,) and THEN the racial profile had been all black, this story wouldn 't even be a blip on the radar. But he didn't. He told all of the non black students (there is a large Arab/Muslim population in Michigan by the way,) that they could not go and that the black students deserved inspiration.


It hurts me inside to think of what those kids thought about themselves.

But I digress.

I won't talk about what I think. I really want to know what YOU think.

Is this racism? Was it right to handle it this way? Do you think that this issue should be addressed on a national level?

Let me know!


Brittany said...

Wow, I am just stunned.

How can this be? I am frusterated with the ignorance.

How sad.

Erin said...

Both of these stories are ridiculous.

The first story... if the boys were trying to incite something, they should be punished... but would that principal punish students wearing the same shirt on St. Patrick's Day? They live in the US and should be able to wear a flag shirt (not bandanna though) any day they choose.

The second story... reverse rasicm... but those kids should not have booed their classmates, that was uncalled for. The parents should have stood up and taken action.

Lauren said...

I can't even comment as I'm speechless in regards to both of those instances. Wow.

steve said...

I am truly amazed at the stupidity of those stories. How do these people get in charge of our kids???

Thank God there are many more good ones than bad, but this sure is a different world than when I was a kid.

On that note Brit, Be sure that you know that YOU can make a difference in the lives of other people!
Luv ya!

The Taffs said...

That second As a teacher, my first thoughts go to the school system. All of our field trips have to be approved my first the principal, and then our superintendent. We have to give evidence and extensions for how this fits in with state and national standards. Who approved this field trip?

I'm so shocked, I can't even formulate more of a comment.

Kate said...

I did not hear either of those stories but I think both of them are completely ridiculous!
1.) This is America. We should be teaching our kids to be PROUD of OUR flag. Not punishing them for wearing it.
2.) I think the white kids could have benefited from the speaker, too. Maybe not as much as the black kids (or maybe so, who knows?) but still...


Brian and Ashley said...

I can not believe the second story! As a teacher, it is so frustrating to hear where children are intentionally not included. On top of that, people from high up are unwilling to do anything about it. It a sad look at where our country has been before and would prefer not to go back to.

Callie said...

I think it's absolutely ridiculous of the principal to send those boys home for wearing the American flag t-shirts. This IS America! AMERICANS should be allowed to wear AMERICAN flag t-shirts whenever they want, and there is no way that should be considered racist - it's more like national pride, and there's nothing wrong with that.
I hadn't heard about the all-black field trip. That's ridiculous too. Can you imagine how much trouble that school would be in if they did an all-white field trip? If there can't be an all-white field trip, there shouldn't be an all-black field trip either - excluding certain students from a field trip because of their skin color seems racist to me, no matter which group is the one being excluded. But apparently it's only racism if the minority group is the one being excluded. The double standards are astounding.