Friday, May 28, 2010

A Perfect Night In

Last night was the start of one of our two long weekends that we have while here in Canada. We're not allowed to use any of our vacation times during our training (which stinks, believe me,) but we do get two, no holds barred, no work, long weekends!

Ian and I are among the losers who do not have family coming in this time (or next,) so we tried to think of a few touristy type things that we hadn't had time to do. We have great plans for these 72 hours of free time.

However, I hadn't really planned anything for Thursday night.

So, first I hoofied it home from the grocery store with a million plastic bags (forgot my cloth ones,) cutting off my circulation for 1.2 km (which believe me, is alot longer than it sounds.)

{Handy map reference, A being my home, B being the store. So, I went from B to A, because I'm different like that. And right about where it says "Garden Center," is where I duck my head and try not to make eye contact for 2 blocks. On account of the surplus of weirdos and sketchy people.}

Right, so I collapsed in a chair back home after making it back from that perilous journey. Did I mention I did it in the rain?

While wearing flats.

And carrying a purse that had 4 books in it.

Because you never know when you are going to finish one and need the other.

yes, I'm that person. Sorry.

Ian joined me about 2 minutes later from the train (also in map, see Surry Central Skytrain.)

and asked me what was for dinner.

Now, I had just bought all of the ingredients for homemade Cajun Chicken Pasta, but I really wasn't in a chopping mood.

So, instead, I whipped out the $1.97 Curry Paste I had just discovered and chopped half of the thawed chicken, two potatoes, and threw in the paste.

Presto, Curry!

Ian and I read blogs (me,) and news (him,) while our curry simmered and then got comfy on the couch to watch a movie while we ate.

Selection for the night.... Anne of Green Gables!!!

My husband is awesome.

I had borrowed the dvd series from a friend, and when Ian saw all three discs, he asked me if it was a tv show.

No, silly husband, it's just your worst nightmare!

I read off the viewing times on all three discs (182, 238, and 196 minutes,) and he had a heart attack then and there.

Then, he awoke to the deliciously spicy aroma of homemade ish curry and fell in love with Anne and all of her wonderful ways.

He also decided that Rachel Lynde was why a certain foul word was developed. haha.

And, he also got over the fact that I LOVE Gilbert.

He was a little disturbed at first, but accepted it once I told him that "you're my Gilbert, honey!"


Oh, Gilbert.

So, three hours later, and he's still married to me, which I think is a good sign. We basically said goodnight and I fell asleep, with him joining me an hour or so later.

It was an absolutely perfect night in.

And I didn't even do the dishes!


Alison H said...

"I don't want diamond sunbursts or marble halls. I just want you." Oh Brittney, we are going to be such great friends! :)

Brittany said...

:) I loved this post. I could just picture the two of you! I'm going to find a gilbert, just like yours some day! :)

Unknown said...

:) I love Anne of Green Gables!!!

Brian and Ashley said...

This post cracked me up! I always loved Gilbert too. Did you ever watch Gilmore Girls? Because your comment about books in your purse reminded me of Rory. Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

Jessica Boucher said...

I think you can find a shorter way to your house! Also, I wouldn't watch the third movie. It was no good. It has nothing to do with any of the books and Anne is way different in it.

Jessica Boucher said...

I think you can find a shorter way to your house! I wouldn't watch the thrid movie. It has nothing to do with the books and Anne is way different.