Sunday, May 30, 2010

Street Wise

Living in a "big" city has provided us with some interesting observations/encounters over the last couple of months.

Like the time I was walking down the stairs from the train stop and I had an elderly man stop and give me a stern lecturing about walking down stairs with your hands in your pockets.

Apparently it's deadly.

And really, I should know that, because I fell down a flight of stairs in 6th grade and broke my ankle.

And didn't use my hands to stop myself.

Thanks Old Man.

Then there was today, when strolling down Granville Street, we stopped and watched a street performer on the electric guitar.

He was wearing a complete spider man mask.

I insisted on stopping and watching because I didn't want to be "one of those people," who don't stop and pay heed to a musical prodigy, like in this Joshua Bell clip.

I mean, Spidey could have been ANYONE.

Only, he wasn't good at all.

So he probably wasn't anyone famous.

Then, we walked on down to Yaletown, where a crowd was just beginning to form in front of a restaurant.

Now, if you know me, you know I get kind of skiddish around large crowds, so I wanted to steer clear of that. But soon, folksy English/Irish music was filling the streets and the crowd had swelled to nearly a thousand.

Turns out there was a band in town, who had TWO sold out concerts that weekend, and had decided to do a "surprise/secret" mini concert.

That was pretty cool!

Check out Mumford and Sons to hear some folkish pub music (or at least that's what it reminded me of!)

We also hammered down the dates for the Vancouver Jazz festival (yay!) and found a great restaurant with live music after 9pm.

And then we got the honor of listening to creepy English teacher man hit on his Korean student. Luckily her English wasn't that good.

For us, though, it was just painful

All in all, a great day "out on the streets!"


Brittany said...

sounds like fun, minus the creeper!

Unknown said...

I could just imagine my face if someone told me not to walk down the stairs with no hands in pockets.

I am usually one to steer clear of people doing live things in the street. Especially those ones that do the statues and they stand really still...then frighten you by moving a little. They creep me out. Anyway I digress...sounds like a good day, apart from the weird English teacher man.