Monday, May 24, 2010

Swarming Bees, Dandelion Air, and WINNER!

It's been quite a day here in ol' Canada. Today was Queen Victoria's birthday, which is a national holiday that rings in the start of summer, kind of like the American Memorial Day. Weird, celebrating a non American holiday.

Our company had a picnic at a gorgeous park, with quintessential northwestern flora and fauna. 100+ ft conifers with their graceful swooping branches surrounded us and we spread out blankets and had a wonderful cook out. The sun was behind the clouds and it was a bit chilly. When the sun came out and began warming things up a bit, we noticed something very alarming.

80 feet up on one of the trees, a swarm of bees had quickly become agitated. The hive, probably close to two feet tall, was swinging precariously in the wind. The bees slowly became lower and lower on the tree, and we, with the good sense that God has given us, grabbed our blankets and food and high tailed it about 100 feet away. Within minutes, the sun went behind the clouds, the wind died down, the hive stopped swinging, and the bees calmed down.

It was the craziest thing I've ever seen!

And since that was all about "things in the air," I thought I would share with you about a local nuisance that we have been dealing with.

Vancouver has a serious dandelion issue. Like nothing you have ever seen before. 2 weeks ago, it was kind of a beautiful kind of nuisance, with picturesque dandelions littering every inch of grass in this city.

But about two weeks ago, the dandelions began sending their beautiful little fluss into the air. MILLIONS OF THEM. The air is literally FILLED with dandelion fluff.

Like snow in the air.

The sidewalks are lined with banks of fluff.

It's really weird.

Luckily my allergies took a hit and then seems to have gotten over it.

And, the winner of the awesome 500 post giveaway.....

There were only five entries (those who were followers and wrote a post about it,)

Hannah from Life As Mrs. Schreiner. Congratulations! Email me your address and your choice of book and Bath and Body Works!


~M~ said...

Congrats to Hannah!

Hannah said...

THANKS!!! Um haha I don't know how to email you:) how about you email me and I'll email you back.

I still cant believe I won!!! How fun!!!

Ginger said...

congrats to Hannah on her win I'm behind on your blog. :( I'll have to catch up.

Brittany said...

Bummed I missed the giveaway! :( boo!

Congrats to the winner!

Unknown said...

bee's scare me! oh and my allergies would be going crazy!! It is cool that you are getting to experience these different things :)