Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 17- Project 365

These are my pictures from April 26 to May 2! I love seeing how comfortable I am with the manual settings of my camera. I can pick up my camera, adjust and "snap," very quickly now, especially when in natural lighting.

I love natural lighting, especially that of the early morning (light and diffused,) and right before sunset ( a warm look with neat shadows.) I am really excited about having 18+ hours of sunlight this summer and hope to have several photo shoots under my belt before moving in August!

We ran out of toilet paper. It was quite the disaster. And this was me, finally caving and not buying "American," toilet paper!

The "for sale," signs outside of our complex. Funny story behind these: there is a homeless man with some mental issues that are quite infatuated with hitting things and counting them, at a yelling decibel. It's a little disturbing at 3 am in the morning, ha!

Ian let me "style," his hair one night! Faux-hawk it is! He got his hair cut the next day, ha!

I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about my love for clementines by now! So I won't say much more!

Last tulips of the season! They have them everywhere here and they are drop dead gorgeous!

We had a progressive dinner with some of our co workers and their families on a Saturday afternoon/evening!

At the Vancouver Marathon on May 2nd! Ice sculpture of a shoe, of course.


Lyryn said...

Love it when the man lets me style his hair! LOL!

Lauren said...

I so wish American toilet paper had CASHMERE SOFTNESS!!!! lol, funny stuff!!

Brittany said...

Love all your pictures. That toilet paper seems all sorts of comfy cozy!

and I gave Aidyn a faux hawk on mothers day. check out the photos!