Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Photo Shoot

So.... Yes.

Saturday was awesome and amazing in the fact that I got to do my first ever photo shoot.

Even more amazing in the fact that it wasn't a high pressure situation since they are my friends, I have tons of experience with this baby, and I've informally "shot," him many times before.

And then the panic set in.

I realized, if I don't get them good photos, they will have lost the chance to have "1st Birthday Portraits," forever!

Well, I took the plunge and headed to the park to meet the family at 4:30. As soon as we got there, I just had this sinking feeling in my stomach. Something wasn't right. The baby was happy, I was {semi} confident, and the day was gorgeous. But what was it?

Oh, yes. The sun. I had forgotten, in my time calculation of when baby would be well fed, well rested, happy, and when the sun would be less harsh and more diffused, to take into account that the Vancouver Sun was setting later and later.

Translation: The 4:30 sun that I was shooting in, was as harsh and bright as the 2:00 pm sun. And who chooses to shoot at 2? (unless they have more equipment then me and my camera and 1 extra lens, not many people would!)

Well, we made it work and did our best. I learned that I'm going have to become more confident in controlling the photo shoot, like telling the parents to stop making noise on either side of me, but to get directly behind me.... I couldn't get a straight on head shot!

So, after I got home and reviewed the pictures, I wasn't too happy with them. The focus on most of them just wasn't right and the shadows and lighting were unflattering. AND I didn't capture the type of "frame it and put it on the wall," kind of portrait that I knew they were wanting. I am very hard on myself, and I'm okay with that, because it drives me to be better.

So, I asked my friend if, about 30 minutes before our small group Bible study (aka house church,) I picked up J and took him downstairs to the adjacent park. It would be at 6:00 pm and I wanted to see if I could get a better portrait or two.

So when I picked him up, my friend warned me that he was in a funky mood, probably tired and hungry, but we persevered and tried gallantly to get him to smile. Unfortunately he kept doing this maniacal laughing and waving his arms, but I thought I captured I few cute faces of his despite that.

Over all, I think it went great! I wish I could have gotten that crystal clear, tack eyes that I've gotten with him before, but now that he's mobile it's much harder. I will just have to keep practicing!

An urban shoot with a 2 year old girl is scheduled for Sunday! I'm so excited!


Justine said...

Those are so, so cute!! I wish I had babies to take pictures of!

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

What a great way to learn and a wonderful first experience for you! Keep at it, girl! You can do it!

Stacey-Lou said...

wow these photos are brilliant! bravo :)

Heather said...

I think these are adorable!! Great job Brittney!!

katie said...

I think he is so cute! And it seems like you captured "him" from the way the photos look. Also: Love the globe! What a fabulous prop!

Lyndsey said...

these are so cute! i'm photographing a 15 month old in a few weeks and i'm terrified he's going to be too wiggly to get any good pictures! i think yours turned out great though!

Ashley said...

I think the pics turned out great! I just bought the Nikkon D3000 and I am learning how to use it....I am no photographer but I have fun pretending I am. I also forget about the whole time thing too. I took both my kiddos out at 3 pm and then realized it was waaaaay to hot and bright.....I am now learning 6:30 & 7 ish is a good tme in Arizona HA!

Oh and my brother's name is Ian's not very common so its fun to come across some else :)

Thank you for sharing, look forward to seeing more of your professional pics!


cait said...

these are great! I love the one with his little hands folded over his chest....adorable!! you're so talented!