Sunday, June 20, 2010

This Week by the Numbers

1 trip to the beach so far...

2 times I have seen the sun grace us with its presence;

3 times I have shaken my fists at the heavens as it begins to rain and cry out "why?!"

4 batches of Oatmeal crispies have been baked, and three frozen

5 new dresses that have been bought- all to be worn over jeans when we land in the UAE

6 weeks left in our Canada training!

7 places that are on our "must see," list for Vancouver. We better get busy!

8 times that I have said "Eh?!" in the last week. I'm becoming one of them.

9 weeks left until we move to the UAE!

10 meals that were eaten out last week. I miss cooking, but it's just not practical here!

11 bugs that have snuck into our home, no air conditioner and no screens on the windows will do that to you!

12 missed phone calls. We only have Canadian cell phones and a vonage home phone. Meaning when all of our friends and family call from back home, if we aren't at home then we miss the calls. I can't believe this is what the olden days were like!

13 weeks until I start language school. I am SO excited to begin studying Arabic...even if it is one of the toughest languages in the world!


Brittany said...

OYE! You are one busy girl! :) Keeping you in my prayers, seems the future will be even busier!

OlyviaNoel said...

You have so many interesting moments and memories to share! I'll sing "Rain, rain go away" in honor of you :)

Rachel and John said...

I'm Canadian and there is nothing wrong with becoming one of us! I hope you make it to your top 7 places in Vancouver before you leave!

Heather said...

I miss 12 phone calls a day and I am not out of the country! :) Love this list, hope the sun comes out more for you!

Lauren said...

Cute post! You've got so much going on! Good luck with your busy to-do list!

Marsha C said...

What??? No air conditioning! That seems rather odd. I hope it just isn't necessary. I was looking at 97 degrees here today. I don't think I would survive. I'm glad it isn't that hot there. Love ya.