Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Angry. Weepy. Bloggy.

I'm supposed to be napping right now.

I'm not.


Or else I have a really cool sleep walking capability- blogging!

I'm supposed to be napping right now because we have had a VERY packed five days, and the next five to fifteen look equally packed.

And when I have super busy days, that means less sleep.

And less sleep means one tired Brittney.

And, if you don't mind me talking in the third person for a moment, a tired Brittney means an emotionally overwrought Brittney.

Take last night for instance. We worked an 8 hour day, commuted home, made dinner, cleaned up dinner, pureeed and froze a bunch of over ripe fruit, vacuumed and hand mopped the floor and it was suddenly 9. I collapsed onto the couch with Ian and had one of those "mood swings," that can only be explained by my lack of rest.

I became enraged. Like, seriously angry. And I'm not ever an angry person. I was sitting on the couch and could feel myself get really angry (for absolutely no reason, mind you,) and, in a monotonous but kind voice, told Ian "I'm really, truly, angry." "At what?" Ian asked. "Nothing. I'm just tired." "oh, yeah. That's it honey. Go to bed." So I did.

I'm so glad that man understands me.

So, I'm supposed to be taking a nap right now because we worked another 9 hour day and we have small group (which acts as our house church here in Vancouver,) in an hour.

Plus I got all weepy.

And I try to spare Ian of the weepy version of me.

But since the glorious sun is out, I don't want to close the blinds, which means it is as bright as the blue blazes in here. And I feel like communicating with the world somehow. Enter this rather rambly blog post.

We're in week 15 out of 17 of our training in Vancouver. It's just insane. All of our friends are leaving in two weeks to fly to all corners of the world. We might never see them again. Some of them might lose their lives in their field. Or be jailed. Or deported. It's really sad.

{Aren't I just a ray of sunshine today? I told you I was weepy!}

We've got a 5 weeks left as of tomorrow. Two of which will just fly by. The last three? I'm not too sure of. We'll have to wait and see.

I'm saving up for photoshop. I'm really excite about that.

We signed up for our fall seminary class that we'll be taking online. Or textbooks just arrived and we have to have them read in the next 5 weeks, because we can't take them with us in our next move, for security reasons. Awesome.

I keep thinking about some of the families back home that I love so much. I think about how the next time I am in the states, those kids will be OLD! One of them will be starting college. That's just crazy to me.

I'm also thinking about how I miss ChickFilA. And Publix chocolate chip cookies.

And how grateful I am that we have root beer here. I love root beer. I'm not really sure where that obsession started.

All right. Nap time now I think.

Please keep me and my tenuous emotional state in your prayers.


~M~ said...

Hang in there!!

Mrs. Lukie said...

Oh, bless your sweet heart! I've had plenty of days like the one you're describing--good thing is, there is always tomorrow :)

Rachel and John said...

YIkes! I get like that too when I'm tired. I hope you got a good nights sleep last night!