Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cry Baby

I'm trying not to be whiney, considering just a week ago I was crying over the fact that it was still North Face jacket and Uggs weather, but I'm having a hard time succeeding.

It's currently breaking 90 in Vancouver, which I know is nothing compared to you eastern seaboarders, but please, empathize with me.

I was playing in snow not 7 days ago.

And now?

Now, it's so hot that we've instituted siestas into our daily life.

As of one day ago.

Siestas are actually pretty nice. We open the windows, turn on our one fan, refuse to run any sort of heat emitting appliance (dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, washer/dryer,) and use as little energy as possible for 3-4 hours.

I can see why places like Mexico, Spain, and the Middle East do most of their activity late at night, instead of the afternoon! It just makes sense!

In fact, as I type this, Ian is passed out next to me on the bed, with his hands splayed out over his head. It's pretty funny. If I was cruel, I'd snap a picture and load it for you to chuckle at.

It's so hot that we're contemplating stripping our bed of sheet and comforter.

It's so hot that I skipped lunch and choose to lay still in the shadow in our bedroom.


And the 90's? We all know that is not scorching hot, but without Air Conditioning, you never get a chance to cool off.

Okay, thanks folks for sticking with my cyber whining.

It won't happen again.

I think.


Jessica said...

Oh no! Without air conditioning, that would be MISERABLE! We have window air conditioners in our house, and it is still WAY too hot in here, so I can't imagine now ac at all! I hope it cools down a little for you soon!

Brittany said...

Id be whining too if the weather changed that drasticaly THAT FAST!

well actually it wouldn't have mattered. If it was 90 degrees and we didn't have air conditioning.. id just cry..

no whining.. just real tears!

Natalie said...

Wow, its crazy that the weather changes that fast!! i hope it cools down a little for you. Growing up we didn't have air conditioning and I know just how miserable that can be. Although I had a basement to escape to...

Courtney said...

That's quite the climate change, friend! And we used to complain about that here in La Florida, but snow to 90s, wow. Just pretend you get to enjoy a sauna for free. :)

katie said...

Whoa. What a lot for your body to take! I hope you adjust quickly or that a respite from the 90's comes.

Lauren said...

Ughhh...I'd be cyber whining as well! Poor girl, hope you get a break soon!

Anonymous said...

Uh I know what you mean! I think I am already ready for fall!

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Kelly said...

I;m from the south so we have been in the mid and upper 90's for months. But your right it is miserable. Plus its so humid here.

cait said...

now that is crazy! I live in the ohio valley and we thought we had crazy weather. I would take warm weather over cold any day!