Thursday, July 22, 2010

Highlights of the Nights

We've been keeping ourselves pretty busy around here, especially once the sun goes down!

Monday- The Cats

Ian was gone for the afternoon and evening so I spent the better half of the day home alone. Around nine, I noticed a small black kitten out on our porch. I walked outside and he ran away (boo) but ten minutes later, he was back, along with another one! Every time I would walk outside, they ran away, so I finally followed them and figured out they were living/hiding in this big planter outside!

I put out a saucer of milk and spread a little bit of canned chicken out on the ground.

And excitedly called Ian.

He was on the train so it was a little hard to hear, but the conversation went something like this:

B: Hi honey! Guess what?!

I: My computer arrived?

B: Noooooo. Guess again!

I: Um, you made cookies? (he knows me so well!)

B: Noo. You Ready for this? I found KITTENS!



I: Well, whatever you do, don't feed them!

B: What did you say honey? I just fed them! They are SO cute!

hahaha, poor Ian. Luckily my neighbor knew about them as well and has been feeding them for a couple of nights already.

Plus, I don't like cats, so, you know, they are probably better off.

Tuesday- Toy Story 3

Well, there's really not much to say about this except the fact that I am a little ashamed by the fact that I teared up at the end. Makes me want to pull out my American Girl Doll and tell her I'm sorry!

Wednesday- the Celebration of Lights

I have been waiting for this festival for FOREVER. Since probably last December. So it was finally upon us. A fireworks competition between four countries, spread out over two weeks (Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday.)

And since the sun doesn't set until 10, that's when the competition started.

So we headed out at 7:30, commuted downtown for an hour, then walked for almost 30 minutes. I tripped on a brick and had a classic wipe out, and my knees and hands are still stinging from the concrete. But finally we made it down to English Bay, where there were swarms of people.

Seriously, folks. I've been to Disney on holidays and during Spring Break, and that doesn't even hold a candle to the masses of people descending onto the miles of beaches last night.

We bravely staked our claim and waited the 45 minutes until America did their presentation, called In the Mood, set to Big Band music of the 40's.

It was pretty cool, but I was not prepared for the exit that we would have to make. We were so smooshed that, at one point, you could literally not move. People on all sides of you, touching all side of you, with no room to rotate your head or move your toes 2 inches forward. It was crazy.

You can read about it yourself HERE

In the end, a pretty fun week. I'm loving the extra time we have right now to do some fun stuff!


Alison said...

Sounds like ya'll have had some fun nights! And remember all the times I tripped on our day out in Vancouver?? I am telling you, there is something in those sidewalks that makes you trip! :)

Brittany said...

I laughed out loud when he said "whatever you do, don't feed them."

RIGHT after you just fed them! TOO FUNNY!

and I LOVEEEE fireworks! We've already seen them twice this year, and I can't wait to find another one in the area!

Callie said...

Aw, the cats sound cute! I would have fed them too.

Heather said...

You have been busy! I cried at Toy Story 3 too, now you don't have to feel so bad! That sounds crazy the amount of people that were there, but I bet it was fun!