Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vancouver Happenings

We keep ourselves pretty busy up here in Vancouver. And with only 3 more weeks left (Can you believe it?!?) we are trying to get as much done as possible!

Here is a catch up on some of the mish mash of things we have done in the month of July:

{And, on a side note, can you believe the month of July is almost over? I'm totally shocked.}

First up, near the beginning of the month we got to go to the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. This was just one of dozen of venues and over 300 concerts over a two week period! There were a TON of free concerts but we were only able to make it to this one:

Then, I hosted a ladies night out at our house one Saturday night, with plans of watching a chick flick and teach a few of the women how to crochet. I picked up a bunch of the supplies ahead of time and just loved how beautiful all of the colors were:

This wasn't really an event, but we have been making alot of homemade Popsicles! Usually I just puree a bunch of fruit that might be a little overripe and through it in the Popsicle molds. This time, I used a can of frozen limeade concentrate layered with strawberry puree. Yum.

Then, about a week ago, we had a ladies brunch with our work to talk about the end of our training and any fears/apprehensions we have with moving overseas. I just love spending time with these ladies!

For the brunch I made this awesome Lime Infused Coconut Bundt cake, which looked beautiful, but I need to tweak the recipe a little more to make it moister. Any tips?

And then there has been our kitten adventures. I have named them Samson and Delilah (poor unfortunate Delilah.) All of our neighbors are feeding them and it has become quite the bonding experience, haha. The kittens are still really skiddish of humans but are becoming a little more bold.
And finally, we got to see the kids of our training group get their handprints on the tree on the wall in their classroom. It really made me sad knowing that I won't see these kids for a long time, if ever again.


Brittany said...

:) seems you've been busy! You're such a little house wife! With your yarn, and cooking! I want to be JUST like you! I swear it! :))

The tree wall looks so cute! Must be hard to become close with people and then leave! I'll pray for you :))

Lauren said...

What great photos!

Those popsicles sound delish.

I'm not a baking expert, but I know that some people will use applesauce to make cakes more seems to have a very bland flavor when cooked so it wouldn't compete with the lime!

Lindsey said...

Aw this post made me crave a homemade popcicle!

Rachel and John said...

Yum that cake looks so lovely. I bet it was good! Post a recipe?

Jessica said...

You've been busy! The Popsicle and bunt cake both look delicious! Praying for you in these last few weeks before you leave :-)