Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whistler and Shannon Falls

Last Friday, Ian and I, along with a group of our fellow trainees and our supervisors caravaned north two hours to the quaint mountain village of Whistler, British Columbia. Alot of people might recognize that name from the Winter Olympics. This is the location where alot of the activities took place.

I could post about 50 pictures displaying the beauty of the mountains and the scenery, but I really don't feel like it, ha!

So instead, here are two beautiful photo collages, courtesy of Picasa.

We walked around Whistler for about an hour, before buying our lift passes and taking the gondola on a 20 minute ride up the mountain. It was a LONG way up there! Once we got off, we explored, took pictures, and hopped on the next ski lift going to the peak of the mountain. It was another 10 minute ride or so, and this time it was in an open air chair, with your legs dangling and all! As we ascended to the peak the temperature dropped to below freezing and the wind began howling around us.

Ian and I ran to the Inukshuk ( the bottom right picture in the collage,) which is a native American (here in Canada they call them First Nations,) statue. We snapped our picture and ran away as fast as possible! My hands were burning from the temperature!

We went back down to the first chair lift stop, had a snowball fight (in JULY!!!) and vetoed the snow tubing.

We took another gondola ride across a valley on the longest, unsuspended ride in the world. It was crazy, let me tell you!

Then we took another chair lift down the mountain and saw 3 bears! That just blew my mind. We saw a sign saying they only have black bears in the area, and that black bears can, in fact be brown, but One of the "brown," black bears really looked grizzly like.....shaggy hair and a hump on his back!

I'm just glad we were 20 feet above him.

Also, Ian was disappointed because he had nothing to through at it.

He's such a boy.

And not a friend to nature.

What will I do with him?!


Rachel and John said...

I haven't been to whistler yet. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Callie said...

Ha! That's funny. The gondola ride sounds lovely though.

Jessica said...

looks like a great time...BEAUTIFUL pictures!

Brittany said...

:)) great pictures! Looks like so much fun! I think Ian is so funny!

The Taffs said...

Beautiful pictures!

haha, that sounds like something my husband would have said....

Emily said...

I'm laughing because I thought I was the only mother of a boy, who would definitely think to throw something at a bear! Oh Ian...I think Zachary may have rubbed off on ya! Only Zachary would be crazy enough to use his shoe...which I'm glad that you're not! LOL!!