Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reach For the Stars and Other Such Things

I posted this list two weeks ago, but have come to the realization that I overshot by just a bit.....

Or maybe by alot.

Anyways, I am doubting I'll have time to post a revised and updated list right before we go SO..

Here's the revised and updated with future goals included:

Brittney's "Can't Wait to Get on that Plane," To Do List Extravaganza 2010

Things to see and do in Canada:

Victoria Island - Nope, we decided not to drop 3-500 dollars on this day trip. haha.

Ride Bikes around Stanley Park- We have a date set next week to to do this one!

Kayak in cove- Still a possibility I suppose!

Ride to UBC and see the Pacific- Maybe?!

Grouse Mountain and the Grouse Grind- It's not going to happen probably. Boo. I'm just not sure we're in a hiking mood right about now.

Celebration of Light- Fireworks competition- Done and Done. It was pretty crazy.

Bard on the Beach- I decided I didn't want to drop nearly 100 bucks for this little venture.

Whale Watching- And if I didn't want to drop 100 for Bard on the Beach, I really didn't want to drop 2-300 for this. Though I'm saddest about not doing this. Maybe one day on an Alaskan vacation!

Things To Do:

Finish book 5, 6, and 7 of the Anne of Green Gables Series- I decided school was more important and I will bring these books with me!

See Inception- Everyone is raving about it!-We have a date set for next Tuesday to see this!

Finish Lesson One on Rosetta Stone- Yup, not going to happen, our membership expired a week ago, haha!

Read Radical- Awesome, it was amazing. Book Review to come on this one.

Listen to 100 hours of Arabic- I think I have this one done. We've gone to church every Friday in Arabic for 20 weeks (3 hours a time,) and I've been trying to listen to an hour or so a day. I'm not picking up much but I am much more comfortable with the sounds!

Finish Crocheting scarf-give as gift- I'm working my little fingers off. I might not see the person so I'll have to leave it and a nice little note.

Read 3 books for Seminary and write papers on each- In Progress....

Video Chat (Skype) with as many family members and friends as possible- Uh, yes, Definitely Going to happen!

Mani/Pedi/Hair Cut- Ha! Hair cut, done. Mani and Pedi will come the day before we go, once I'm done packing and moving stuff around!

Things to Buy:

Me- Khaki Pants,

Black Flats,

Clinique Products,

Enough Mousse to get me through a month,

2 Bible Studies,

Photoshop. CHECK

Ian- Flip Flops,

Sunglasses, CHECK

Wallet, CHECK

Microsoft Office (for his new computer,)

Khaki Shorts,

Khaki Pants


Rachel and John said...

That's quite the list! You've gotten a good amount of things done too. Keep up the good work.

Brittany said...

way to go girl! Keep truckin away!

Jessica said...

Good luck finishing everything :-) Praying for you guys! will love Inception!