Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tears of Anger

Does anyone cry when they are really angry?

**raises hand**


Just me then, huh?

That was my afternoon today.

{Let me preface all of this by saying my Dad has worked for FedEx for 17 years and I know alot about how the system and how deliveries should work.}

After waiting for 6 days for our package to clear Canadian customs, tirelessly updating the tracking number, calling the shipping company every day to get an update, paying 110 dollars for duties, and spending 5 work days stuck at home while we waited for the package that may or may not be delivered....

Today was supposed to be the day.

I sat in front of the window for almost 5 hours in anticipation.

Then, at 1:58pm when the truck pulled into the apartment complex driveway, 10 yards away from my front door, I was giddy with excitement.

Imagine my horror when almost immediately the driver throws his truck into reverse, pulls out onto the main road (also 10 yards from my front door where I was standing outside to receive the package,) makes eye contact with me, and drives away.


I ran inside and pulled up the tracking number to read that "driver did not attempt delivery."

What does that even mean?

Luckily, I had their customer service on speed dial and I was connected within minutes. Come to find out that the driver tried to enter our parking garage {WHY?!} couldn't, so he left.


{have I mentioned I am tired of being stuck at home?}

The nice customer service agent requested an immediate redelivery and asked if I wanted to file a complaint. I said, no thank you, I just really want my package.

We hung up.

I was all smiles.

I stood outside to wait for the idiot driver who didn't know not to go into our low ceilinged parking garage.

I saw the driver cross the intersection right by my house. Good, he was less than a 1/4 mile away.

The phone rings.


It's the FedEx station telling me that the driver declined to reattempt delivery. Then the lady on the other end of the phone tells me that "since your Dad paid for this as an employee your package is not priority and we don't even have to redeliver it tomorrow. So you'll have to come pick it up."

{Begin tears of anger. I'm a pretty calm and collected person, so this is totally out of character for me.}

I calmly tell her that "no, it will have to be redelivered tomorrow, because we don't have a car. Plus it was your driver's fault it wasn't delivered. Also, I wasn't going to, since I thought the issue was being corrected, but I would like to file a complaint on the driver."

{I've never EVER filed a complaint. I'm way too nice. This shows you how upset I was.}

The lady talks down to me for a minute about how they don't have to redeliver but she will sign off on it and then she says good-bye.

I realize she never filed my complaint.

Ooh, I'm just steaming.

I call back the customer service rep and file an actual complaint (don't I wish I had the station lady's name so I could file a complaint on HER?!)

Throw self on bed and cry for about half an hour.


So it looks like I'm under house arrest again all day tomorrow until that package comes. Bleh.

Come on, there's got to be other people who would have cried tears of anger, right?!


Brittany said...

You are not alone sista!

I feel your pain!

Brittany said...

You are not alone sista!

I feel your pain!

Mrs. Lukie said...

I'm one of those people who cry when I'm angry. And no doubt, I would have done the same thing if I had been in your situation. You poor thing :( I hope they redeliver the package tomorrow...and that you actually get it, this time.

Callie said...

That's awful - how frustrating. I would have been steaming too.

Rachel and John said...

I cry tears of anger too. I cry pretty much for every single emotion. So you are NOT alone. I hope everything gets straightened out and they apologize to you!

The Taffs said...

You are certainly not alone! I cry out of anger and frustration too. I hope everything gets straightened out and the package makes it to you tomorrow!

Lauren said...

oh girl, I'm with you...I certainly cry when I'm angry & I hate it!

Poor girl, what an incredibly frustrating situation! I hope they take care of it tomorrow!

katie said...

I would have definitely been steaming! And ranting and raving and filing complaints and crying. I'm not pretty when I'm angry.

I'm praying for a delivery for tomorrow.

Jessica said...

Ugh, how frustrating!! I would have definitely been crying out of anger if I were you! I really hope you don't have anymore problems!

Kelley said...

you are not alone friend! I am fuming right now for you!

Unknown said...

I was frustrated just reading that. Cry tears of anger as I would.

**raises hand** with you.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible story! I am so with you. I would have lost my cool completely. You are pretty classy for handling it the way you did.