Saturday, October 23, 2010

16th Week Update

How far along? 15 weeks and 6, by the time most of you read this I'll be at 16 weeks. Crazy. Weeks 8-13 passed SO slowly to me, but these last 3 weeks have gone by super quickly. I wonder if this is how the rest of the pregnancy will feel!!

Total weight gain: Not really sure! I was down five pounds at the last Dr appointment, 3 weeks ago, but I feel like my weight loss has definitately stopped. I'm certainly more hungry and am eating more food so we'll see! I'm guessing I gained back 2 of those pounds. Maybe?

Baby Bump? No! I'm pretty confused about this one. I look at everyone else's pictures and it seems that by 15 weeks you can at least tell by a pudge, but all I have is occasional bloat after a big meal. Boo. Actually, I'm not too rushed about "popping," because, I figure, once I pop there's no going back! haha.

Maternity clothes? Bella Band with my unbuttoned pants and one pair of maternity jeans. I love the fact that I wear loose and long shirts anyways!

Cravings: Still salty but I'm starting to at least enjoy some sweets again. Chocolate milk and oreos are some of my new favorites. The oreos don't taste quite the same here, but I (and baby, I suppose,) don't really seem to mind!

Symptoms: Still quite a bit of the round ligament pain, a few emotional breakdowns (which are rare for me nowadays,) and lovely bad skin. I can't wait for that "pregnancy glow," to kick in.

Sleep: Not bad, actually! I still take a 1-2 hour "nap" in the afternoon, which is sometimes me just laying down in bed with Gilmore Girls on my computer next to me, but sometimes I snooze. Nighttime sleep has gotten better as I am having less or no trips to the bathroom in the night and have figure out that the pillow between my knees, to help laying on the side, was actually waking me up in the middle of the night. Now, I sleep without it and am sleeping straight through the night! YAY!

Best moment this week: Feeling like the second semester "energy burst," has started to kick in. Really, I just feel like my mind is less foggy and I can finally start to concentrate on school, which is nice.

Movement: Still not yet, but there have been a couple of times when I felt something weird. Not sure what it was but it piqued my interest into what it will feel like in the coming weeks!

Gender:No CLUE! I have been really interested in looking at boy clothes/bedding/names, but not at all interested in girl things. I'm not really sure what that means, but we'll find out the first week of December! I was hoping that our 16 week ultrasound might reveal the gender, but I know that is a hit or miss time for the ultrasound (boo!)

Belly Button in or out?Still in! My innie is beloved and that is probably my least favorite soon to be symptom of pregnancy!

What I miss: Sleeping on my back!

Weekly Wisdom:Sleep when you want to and do not feel bad about it!

Milestones: Getting my energy back, feeling more clear headed, switched my toothpaste and can now practice oral hygiene without gagging, settling into the second trimester!

I should have a picture here but I'm not feeling very pretty this week. Ian tried to take my picture today because I finally got to do my hair (in this culture, my long hair has to be kept up in a ponytail/bun constantly.) After several attempts and my constant deleting of the picture and declaring it "gross," I gave up and accepted the fact that this baby isn't going to get weekly baby bump pictures.

Oh well. It bothers me a little bit, but what am I going to do? Maybe once a bump starts to show I'll feel more pregnant instead of just bloated and will feel better looking. Or, I'll just feel gigantic. ha!

It's so hard seeing everyone else's blog posts when they look all cute and put together, when I have to wear these baggie clothes to be "modest," for the culture, and wear my hair up in an unflattering ponytail constantly. This is just me being honest with ya'll!

This is a good time to learn how to stop comparing myself with others and focus on what I should!


Callie said...

Eh, I think the bump was still a little iffy for me around 16 weeks - it'll be popping out befor eyou know it! I'm sure you look beautiful, you should just take a picture of the belly and show us anyway - but I understand hating your pictures. We usually have to take quite a few before I get one I like! So, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it's a girl! Don't ask me why, that's just what I think. :-) Looking forward to finding out!

Unknown said...

So pleased to hear the pregnancy is going well and don't worry my sister didn't show until about week 17! :)

The Taffs said...

Wow, 16 weeks. You're almost halfway through!

My belly button never popped out. And I don't feel like I really started to show until 20+ weeks, but after that...boy did I!

Sonya said...

Your pregnancy seems to be flying by! It seems like you just announced it yesterday!

Amanda said...

yay! loved the update! i'm glad you are doing well. have a great week! :)

Hannah said...

you'll start showing soon! and then it wont stop:) HA we had a meeting with our small group from church yesterday and I hadn't seen some of them in a month and they were like WHOA!!! And the movements come too:) Now she hurts me... Take the pictures! You'll be glad you did later. You don't have to post them but do take them.

Hannah said...

oh and my weeks change on Tuesdays which is my work out day. So everytime Patrick could take a pic of me I had just worked out... thats when I say don't get my face ok. haha

Amy and Kyle said...

I just stumbled across your blog and it is so cute!! Congrats on your pregnancy!! I'm your newest follower!