Saturday, October 30, 2010


This past week, our level one Arabic class took a quick field trip.

And by quick, I mean, we weren't told about it until two hours prior, and we only had one hour to travel to, see, and travel back.

Very annoying.

However, the location was only 10 minutes away from our school. Or, it should have been. We were told to meet up at the town fort for a cultural lecture by a guide, however, there are actually two forts in our town that are virtually right next door to each other. We went to fort #1, couldn't find our class, so we went to fort #2, where we found our class but the "tour," was already over. We had about 10 minutes to run around and explore as much as we could before we went back over to fort #1 as a class.

We really didn't get to see much, but I did scope out some great spots for doing portrait sessions. If only it would drop another 5 degrees and it will be perfect (95) weather for outdoor photography.

It was really neat to finally get to explore some of the culture here, and we are looking forward to going back and truly exploring and taking our time. They aren't really run by a parks board or anything so they don't care what you climb up and what you do. It's kind of nice.

Oh yes, and these last couple of pictures are of the governor visiting fort #1 when we were there the second time around. A friend and I had just climbed up on top of a building when he came in to do the ribbon cutting ceremony (on a 600 year old fort. I don't really understand the logic) so we had a perfect position to view the ritual. It was pretty fascinating.

The mens' white dress is the traditional garb and you can see the women in their all black abaya and shayla.
I have alot more pictures, but with all the hopping back and forth between the two forts, my pictures are hard to distinguish between the two. I remember I really liked fort #2 as there was much more to see and do and would be any child's dream playground as there was so many places to run and explore.

Ian thought it would be a perfect place for a good game of paint ball.

I believe the long dead inhabitants are rolling over in their graves.


Jessica said...

This is so interesting! I loved looking at your pictures.

Amy and Kyle said...

Hey Girl! Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you over at my blog! Come check it out! Hope you are having a good weekend! :)

katie said...

wow! So cool to see these photos and hear about your adventurous field trip!

Callie said...

Oh, wow, lots of cool pictures! That looks like fun - I love touring old forts like that!

Kelli said...

Are forts there the same as forts here? A military fort with historical significance?

Elizabeth said...

How neat! :-)

Jen said...

Oh wow, look at that place! Now that's what I call a field trip!

Kit said...

That place looks so cool! Perfect place for an outdoor photo session!