Monday, November 8, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Very Ugly...

The Good:
*I got to skype with my sister! With the time change in the USA making the time gap even wider, I feared it would be weeks until I would connect with her, but lo and behold, she was free yesterday! I miss my big sis alot.

*Our bathroom light finally got fixed. Meaning= I can use the bathroom at night now. And not just by the light of the moon. Hurray!

*We got a couch! After a very long trip, 2 Ikeas, 5 border checks, and 6 hours of driving, we are proud owners of our first couch that we have ever bought. It is very comfy and is making our house feel much more like our home.

*Classical Arabic class has been canceled for the next 2-4 weeks! This is a very difficult subject, especially since it is not really "spoken," but rather the written Shakespearean version of Arabic. I'm so happy to be able to concentrate on the vocabulary for awhile.

The Bad:

*Our car probably needs to go back into the shop. We haven't been here for 3 months and it's already had to go in four times. I am so grateful to even have a car, but it has been a source of minor irritation lately.

*Three weeks until we find the gender of Baby Galloway! I have no clue what it is, but I can't wait to find out and share with all of our family and friends. Ian and I refer to baby as "tater tot" since my nickname from Ian is the Arabic word for Potato (long story, I promise,) but our friends John and Staz called Baby Galloway "Paisley," after Ian's awesome middle name. Seriously, I love that Ian's middle name is Paisley. It's so unique (for the mid 80's anyways.) I don't know how I will wait for these three weeks to pass!

The Very Ugly:

*Roto virus is running rampant in our little town. We've avoided it so far, but I really help it doesn't affect our week off (next week.) Poor sweet babies (and some adults) who have not had a pleasant time with this virus!

*One of our male teachers, M, had a bad case of food poisoning last week. He came to school anyways. About 2 minutes into our class, he grew very quiet then dashed out of the room to vomit. I haven't experienced much nausea but I about lost my breakfast and lunch when he came back into the room. We BEGGED him to go him, but, in his sweaty, lethargic state, he insisted he was fine. I put my head down on my desk and prayed that he wouldn't step near me. Don't even get me started about the schmootz that was all over the front of his Kandora (man dress,) that could only be from him getting ill.

Bleh. That might have been the nastiest paragraph I have ever written here. I just got nauseous reliving it.

I had several other posts in the work but words have been escaping me as we are submerged more and more into the language. I'm so hoping that I will come out of this funk in time to share all of our experiences over the next several weeks!


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE skype! Hope you had a nice time chatting with your sister!

~M~ said...

I hope the next 3 weeks go by fast for you!

Kelli said...

When I pray for baby I pray for Baby Brit. So it must be a girl.

Amanda said...

i'm thankful for skype too! glad you guys got a couch! :)

Unknown said...

How exciting you get to find out the sex soon!!! :)