Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Recap 2010- July

July rushed in and we rushed about, trying to see as much as we could before our time ran out!
We traveled up to Whistler, British Columbia, the sight of the 2010 Winter Olympics, to see the beautiful snow and mountains.
We got to experience being truly cold in July! I thought my fingers were going to fall off they were so cold!
Ian and I loved walking around the cute little resort town together with some friends. We saw tons of fun things to do, we just didn't have time to do it all in our little day trip!
We went to the Vancouver Jazz Festival and just enjoyed the chance to relax in the middle of the city with some beautiful weather. I'm pretty sure we both fell asleep, but not because it was boring- just so relaxing!
Ian and I also took care of our friends' kids so that they could get their packing done. We went to an outdoor water playground and an indoor pool. The outdoor one had REALLY cold water, as evidence in this picture, ha!
We loved spending more time with the kids that we had grown to love and miss them all so much!
After everyone from our training left, Ian and I were left in town. Our company didn't want us to come overseas for an additional 3 weeks, due to our supervisor being out of town and the fact that a Middle East summer is pretty depressing and extremely hot. Some friends of ours took us out to explore historic Fort Langley one day, but other than that, we just lounged around!
We also splurged and got me Adobe PhotoShop Elements and two Disney movies (yay!) Ian got some video game, and we spent our days in our cozy little apartment!

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