Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recap 2010- September

September was a rather slow month for us. The heat of the desert was more oppressive than we could have ever expected and we were going through the various stages of culture shock. For the first half of the month, we really didn't venture out of the house more than an occasional trip to the grocery store.

Finally, right in the middle of the month, we began full time language school, which helped to jump start us out of culture shock and into the "adjustment," phase!

We went out driving a little bit, and learned to appreciate the {somewhat ugly,} barren beauty of this area.
I took a trip with some new friends to the big city, where we splurged on a huge meal at PF Chang's!
And that's really it! We quickly learned how draining language school could be and spent any time outside of class getting to know our new friends and generally resting our brains.

September was our first full month in the Middle East and it felt like such an accomplishment to be on our way!

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