Friday, December 3, 2010

{Thanks} and What Makes My Heart Happy

Thank you so much for your congratulations on Baby Girl Galloway!

Everyone's warm wishes have surrounded us in a giant hug and comforted us during a time when we really wish we could be near family.

We are truly excited but have been a little swamped for the past week. I don't think it has really sunk in. I spent some time looking up middle names for few first names we like, but didn't have the brain capacity to even sort through and decide if I like what I found.

Maybe tomorrow.

For now, it is late and my eyes are close to shutting. I am one happy camper though, as I have just uploaded my final seminary paper for the semester. My paper wasn't "A" material, but I am totally fine with that. It was a bit overwhelming.

I don't think I'll be taking any more classes until we finish language school. Maybe during the summer, but probably not.

My heart is very happy today. Why? Well because I had my first taste of Kraft MacNCheese for the first time in almost six months. Amazing. I'm a boxed mac n cheese kind of girl. I really don't love homemade or restaurant macaroni and cheese (though I loved Panera's!!)

We got the box of deliciousness at an import store in the big city that is close to us. I walked in and it was like the hallelujah chorus began playing.

Well, literally, it was. They were playing all sorts of Christmas music and they had Christmas decorations up. It was a little surreal.

Ian had a hard time coping while in that store. I danced from one aisle to another exclaiming about the wonders that are boxed and processed American foods. Ian kept saying "I don't think we even bought that while we were in the, ever!" or "do you even like that?" To which I would reply "No! But at least there I had the option!!"

I drooled over a case of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. I contemplated the wonders that are boxed cereals (good ones.) I exclaimed with glee when I saw "Root Beer."

And the cream cheese icing? Well, I might have tried to pass off getting one can for each week of the year.

Ian didn't buy it.

Or the cream cheese icing.


We settled for some cookie mixes, one can of cream cheese icing, a can of Dr. Pepper, Stuffing, canned pumpkin, Mac N Cheese, and black beans.

I was a very happy person.

Especially when the checkout lady handed me a booklet saying I "might be interested in what was inside."

Inside? An order form for Christmas hams.

HAMS, people.

In the Middle East.

I decided PDA to the Phillipino lady would be inappropriate so I flashed her a big grin, took my loot, and high tailed it out of there.

We also had house guests last night and today (Hi Tim and Joan!) and that was really fun to have such good friends around one more time before they move away (boo.)

And finally, my heart is happy because Baby Girl kicked really hard today while Ian's hand was on my belly.

True, he didn't actually feel it, but I think we're one step closer!

Plus, I think Baby Girl understands that "it's the thought that counts."

And that must mean she's a genius.

Yep. That's it. And now I'm turning in. Thanks again for everyone's support! I may not be home, surrounded by my family and friends, but I have my new friends here, my old friends there, and you guys, my blog friends to support me during this pregnancy overseas!


Lauren said...

Oh Kraft Macaroni & it fills my heart with joy! So glad you could enjoy some of the finer things (aka processed foods) in life provided by the good ole U S of A!

Emily said...

You have something in common with Zachary....he hates when I make homemade mac and cheese and loves Kraft from the box!! Too funny! Watch the Ben and Jerry' was my obsession through my pregnancies and I packed on the flavor of choice...Chubby Hubby! Which will turn a pregnant lady into a chubby wife! LOL! Can't wait to hear when you and Ian play, name that lump, which is guessing what part of the baby is pressing outward, so that you literally are guessing if it's the butt, elbow,head, or foot! We used to laugh at that one!

~M~ said...

Kraft is the bomb!

Brian and Ashley said...

I'm glad you found some more American foods! Enjoy!