Monday, June 17, 2019

Little Letters- June

I have all four kids down for quiet time at the same time so I have a chance to dust off this old blog. I’m hopelessly behind but here is the long and short of a catch up.

We now have lived in the US for three years.

We added a fourth little bundle, named Ben, back in October. He is 8 months old now.

We are finished up our first year of homeschooling! It’s been a whirlwind and a learning experience, for sure.

We moved into a new house! Our small townhouse became too tight when we added the sixth family member and all of his paraphernalia. Our new house is a single family home with a lot of windows, a big backyard, and space for the kids to play. We are slowly furnishing it and working on landscaping. It’s already been a host for Easter, a birthday party, and our small group! I pray it will be a home that is inviting and welcoming to any people.

And now, to join Callie from Through Clouded Glass....

Little Letters- June

Dear May,
I’m so glad you came! You brought our first new month in a new home, rain showers, sunny walks in the neighborhood, and end of the school year anticipation. Thanks for being a great month!

Dear Trader Joes,
I love you.
That is all

Dear TV Streaming,
I have a love/hate relationship with you. On the one hand, I can watch a show straight through, even if that means starting on an older show and watching eight seasons until you are caught up to the present day (*cough* Blue Bloods *cough*) but on the other hand, it means I am used to having access to a whole story line, instead of waiting for the next installment.

Dear Coffee Maker,
You've been replaced. Just an FYI. The espresso machine I received for Mother's Day takes a little more cleaning and thoughtful prep but it does make a great latte or cappuccino. I will admit, the quantity you produce is much more my style on mornings after Ben has kept us up all night. I hope there is no hard feelings.

Dear Babysitters of the World,
You are awesome. Know that when you show up at my house, ask the kids about things that interest them, and dive into play time while I am still there it makes mommas all over the world feel comfortable with leaving you there with their offspring. Washing the dinner dishes is an added bonus. Hearing how much fun the kids had from them in the morning is a cherry on top! Thank you!

Dear Blogging,
I missed you. I have had so much happen and it feel overwhelming on where and how to get caught up. I can't count how many times I've started a post in hopes to get back in the flow of things and then the baby wakes up or a kid needs help and I have to abandon my efforts. I love writing. For myself, for my kids as a sort of album of our lives, and for relatives, flung far and wide. Thanks for welcoming me back!

Also, at some point I started designing and coding my own blog. I researched and learned so much to do so. Now that information is all gone from my head. It's going to take some time to get this revamped but I will work on it!

Dear Big Camera,
Where are you? we moved and I haven't been able to find you yet. It's a real shame, because Ben's pictures from his first month are on there and haven't been put onto the computer yet. If you could show yourself I would truly appreciate it.

Dear Kids Consignment Stores,
You my life so much easier, I just wanted you to know. I have never tried selling/consigning there as we have so many friends and family we can pass things on to but you are a triedand true source for like new shoes. I went in yesterday just for the purpose of getting Sophia a pair of shoes to play in the backyard in- some that could get muddy and that I wouldn't have to spend upwards of $20 on. I walked out with New and Like New Shoes for all three of the kids that would have cost me nearly $125 if I had bought them new for a fifth of that price! Crazy. You also provided us with a few more clothing pieces that Grace needed (she's so tall and we have no one passing clothes on to us anymore!) and a stack of books that go along with our school year for next year. Thank you!

That's all for Little Letters this month! It was fun to be a bit random.


Callie said...

Yay yay, I’m glad you jumped back in! I love reading random posts and catching up on your life. I fully concur with your letters on consignment clothes and tv streaming! Derek and I are actually working through Blue Bloods now! We are on season 4 I think. I’m very irritated that no one seems to be able to keep a romantic relationship going, haha!

Emily Powell said...

welcome back!

Heather said...

I love consignment sales to stock up for my kids. Such a great way to save money. :)

And can you believe I've never been to a Trader Joe's??? Le sigh.