Sunday, January 23, 2011

At Home Vacation

As I mentioned before, we were originally planning on going to Jordan to for our between semester break. Unfortunately, we weren't sure if our friends, who we would be staying with, would still be living there or not, so we did the grown up (aka, not so fun,) thing and decided to save the money and use it towards Grace's nursery.

Our plan was to stay home, hang out, and spend some down time in between semesters all the while getting things done that we had been putting off.

Alas in all of our grand scheming we forgot about the all important factor of "cabin fever."

Unfortunately our little town has zero to no places that a woman can go and "hang out," and about the only family places to go are the grocery store (oh boy,) and a park outside of town.

So far, we are a little over 72 hours into our vacation time (out of 2 1/2 weeks!) and are starting to go stir crazy.


Turns out, we don't have that many things that we want to do in our house. Ian plays a video game, I read my blogs and then we switch. That covers about 2-3 hours, if we really drag it out. ha!

We planned 3 "big city," days over the next two weeks, so those will be beautiful respites in this dulldrum of a break.

One day, we'll go to the mega city and spend the day at the HUGE mall there with a gigantic book store (heaven!) We'll eat out for lunch and for dinner (no dishes! yay!) relax in the bookstore, buy a few things for Grace's nursery (curtains, mainly,) and watch the fountain show while sipping hot chocolate all before heading home. I'm very excited about this little outing.

Another day, we'll go to the not so giant, but still big city that neighbors our little town for a doctor's appointment and I'm sure we'll eat lunch there before coming back for a birthday party in town.

And finally, we'll venture into the interior a little more to a city where we hope to see the ocean (? Maybe, I don't know anything about this city.) and visit with a man and his family that Ian met at my last doctor appointment. I'm a little more nervous about this trip, because it involves visiting in a local home, which can be fun but always puts me at my shyest!

Other than those three outings, we plan on rearranging our rooms, taking down Christmas decor, doing some house projects, and installing Grace's curtains.

I try to set small little goals for each day, so that even if I lay around and do nothing for most of the day, by the time bedtime rolls around, I'll at least feel like I accomplished something. Today's goals? Wash our bed linens, move our office into our bedroom, finish two rows on Grace's blanket, and read 3-4 chapters in a book for work. See? My days aren't complete wastes of time!

We also have work to do (you know, for work, ha!) and will spend the last couple of days preparing for the beginning of a new semester of Arabic.

In case you were wondering, which I'm sure you've been at the edge of your seats now for days, my exam scores came back beautifully. No, I'm not at the top of my class, but I'm also not at the bottom. I scored perfectly for a student who has never been exposed to Arabic before this semester (they told us that I should get between a 1 and a 2, and I got a 1.5!) and got an 85% on my Classical Arabic written test. I'm really happy with the results and even prouder of my insanely smart husband who scored at the top of the class! Good job, Ian!


Unknown said...

Well done to both of your on your grades!!! Enjoy your outings and hope the doctors appt goes okay x

Courtney said...

That is so you, friend, exactly between a 1 and 2! Enjoy your time in the big city and at home!

Rachel and John said...

What if you took a mini vacation to the big city with the great mall? Just one night. But it would be a change of scenery!!

Good work on your grades! You should be really proud!!

Alison said...

Good job, ya'll!!! You're going to be fluent in Arabic before you know it!! :)

Holly said...

Congratulations on your grades! Arabic sounds extremely difficult and confusing!

Lindsey said...

Excellent job on your grades, well done friend!