Monday, January 3, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I just willingly ate pistachio ice cream.

Like, by my own accord.

Clearly this pregnancy is throwing me completely off.

Also, I just read in one of my pregnancy books that my brain is shrinking 3-5% during the pregnancy.

Before I address the concept that my brain is shrinking, the question that comes to mind is "will my brain shrink 3-5% per pregnancy? or just this first time?" because think about it. If it shrunk every time, that would mean the average woman loses 10-15% of their brain size. Crazy.

Christmas came and went. We celebrated mainly at home, just the two of us, which was good because I was kind of a wreck on Christmas day. It was my first Christmas away from my family and our little apartment was just SO quiet. Plus, knowing that all of the people outside of our apartment had no clue it was even such a special day made it doubly hard.

Add to that the joyous occasion of my best friend, Katie, getting engaged (yay!) but since we are a little hard to get a hold of, she was unable to inform me right away. I woke up on the 26th to find out about their engagement on facebook, and though I was super excited for her and her fiance, it broke my heart not to be there with her to celebrate. I spent alot of that day crying out to God to take me back "home," and to take away this calling from us so that we'd be free to live in the States again. Peace came over me by evening but I tear up just thinking about not being able to throw her a shower, see her pick out her gown, and pray over her on her wedding day.

(oh good grief. pregnancy hormones rearing their ugly head. Just writing that last paragraph left me sobbing.)

New Year's was quite the opposite. Ian and I had several friends and their family's over for the night, and we spent the evening playing games, chatting, and eating lots of good food. We had a lot of fun and were glad to get to spend some time with our new friends. It was a little weird when we went to bed, realizing that all of our Stateside family and friends hadn't even celebrated yet!

On a completely different note, baby girl Galloway has a name! I'm really excited to share it with you guys soon! We go over the border to our Dr on Wednesday for my 6 month check up and for my glucose tolerance test. Please lift me up if you think about it (around 12:30 AM EST) as I've always had a big sweet tooth and want everything to be healthy for our little girl.

Keeping in line with the "baby," train of thought, I think we're finally going to get started on our little one's nursery soon. All of our furniture is on sale this week so we will probably pick it up while we are over the border (or, at least as much as we can fit into our little car!) I don't really want to move our office into our bedroom just yet so we will probably wait until the end of the month to do that!

This was truly a mish mash of thoughts but this was the quickest way to get all caught up on everything that is happening.


The Taffs said...

Oh my! As if all of those things aren't sad enough...pregnancy hormones do make the situations even more extreme (or so it seems)!

Praying for you!

So excited to hear baby girl Galloway's name!

Alison said...

Can't wait to hear baby girl's name!! Happy New Year to ya'll!

Truly His said...

I can remember that feeling when we first left our home in Iowa.... praying for you! It does get easier... God's grace! :) I cannot wait to hear the baby girls name! How exciting! :)

Unknown said...

Happy new year!!! Hope the GTT goes well x

Emily Powell said...

can't wait to hear her name!

Rachel and John said...

Oh I can't wait to hear her name!
Working on the nursery is SO much fun. I was not happy to move our office into our bedroom too but so far it's working out very nicely! Can't wait to see what you do!

Callie said...

Ha, the shrinking brain thing is funny - I don't think it could be per pregnancy, because then people who have a dozen children could lose up to 60% of their brain mass, and that doesn't seem right . . . plus I think if you're taking DHA it helps. :-) I can't wait to hear the name you picked out!

Amanda said...

oh no i didn't know that your brain shrinks during pregnancy! glad you liked your ice cream...and i was going to tell you...pineapple whip is almost like a soft serve ice cream made with pineapple but it has a lighter more frothly texture! it is so amazing. i wish u could have some! :)

Amber said...

Oh, pregnancy hormones. I'm with you on the river of tears! It just kind of happened all a sudden. I wasn't really any more emotional than usual until about a month ago. And then the flood gates opened and refuse to close! Ugh.

Can't wait to hear the name! :)

Kelli said...

Giselle? Gretchen? Gayle? Glenda? Gabrielle? Am I right? AM I RIGHT?