Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Irony Is...

Irony is:

Sitting in an Ikea (Sweedish,) in the Middle East, listening to 'Party in the USA.'


Irony is:

Realizing that your first visitor to your new country and home won't be your mom or sister, your in laws or best friends. Oh no, your first visitor is going to be our Norwegian house guest, Svein, from what can only be dubbed as my favorite blog post ever.


Irony is:

Being on a visit in an Arab home, with the ladies watching Oprah (on a rape case, nonetheless,) listening to it in English while a sister translates it all into Arabic for the rest of the family.


Irony is:

Cleaning your house from top to bottom (finally!) getting it vacuumed, mopped, laundry all done and put away, kitchen scrubbed spotless, etc, only to have a sand storm blow in the next day and have "desert intrusion," in your home, ie sand blowing in through cracks you didn't even know were there. I have a sand print from where I put my book down on our end table for an hour.



Jessica said...

Wow, so different to have to worry about a sand storm! I didn't know it could get into your house like that!

Amanda said...

oh i'm sorry about the sand thing! i bet that is super annoying! thinking of you and hope your having a great day! :)

Our Photographic Memory said...

Thank you so much for answering my question and leaving a comment on my neverevervisited blog:) I am in Lake County - so not too far from Seminole! Hopefully we can keep in contact! Again, thank you for sharing such an interesting life!!

Kristin said...

Oh my! And sand is a pain to clean up!

Courtney said...

You should have expected it to be him. He was your first house guest here and naturally should be your first house guest in your new home :) You have quite the gift for writing, mi amiga!

Kaylyn said...

sand storm?? crazy!