Friday, February 25, 2011

Showers of Blessings

Last Friday, February 18th, several of my friends here threw baby Grace and I a beautiful baby shower!

To be totally honest, I was nervous leading up to it, because I just was not sure how my emotions would be over the whole thing. I was excited and grateful for the shower, but Oh, how I wished my mom, grandma, aunts, sister, and old friends could be part of it!

The day came and I am happy to say that God gave me a peace over the whole thing. It was as if I felt a calm and heard "this is your life here. Your friends and family would be here if they could, but they can't, so be thankful and blessed by your new friends and "family," that has been given to you!"

Thank you, Lord!

The shower was held in the sitting area of our language school, and the hostesses did a wonderful job making a non beautiful room BEAUTIFUL!

The was an amazing diaper cake (I had always wanted one of these for Grace! and this one was TOO cute! Thanks A!)
Chocolate Chip cookie Petite Fours, instead of cake. The hostesses asked me what my favorite dessert was and when I told them chocolate chip cookies (I'm easy to please!) they told me they would work it in.
Punch, with cute bath toys floating in it! For some reason, punch brings me great joy (told you I was easy to please,) and I visited the punch bowl several times during the shower!
And TONS of food! Yum. They even broke out the "hard to find," things like ranch dip (can't get it here,) salsa, and a marshmallow salad.
Of course, plenty of wrapped blessings for baby Grace!

We started off by eating, then played the "guess the girth," game, ha! In case you were wondering, I was 10 1/2 sheets of toilet paper, lol.

Then we settled down for gifts and I got to Skype my momma into the baby shower! So special!

Lots of gifts, and lovely ladies who blessed us with them, but since there were only a few pictures that could be deemed "secure," (ie, does not show faces of other people who have not given me permission to post,) there is alot of me pictures. Sorry for the narcissism.
Then we wrapped it all up by playing Guess the Diaper game, with various candy bars. I failed at this game, but I like to think that's because I haven't bought candy bars since I've been here, which is a good thing!!!
Thank you, sweet ladies for all you did to shower us with blessings!


Rebekah said...

This is so sweet! Chocolate chip cookie petit fours? That sounds good. Everything is so cute!

Callie said...

It looks like a wonderful baby shower! How sweet of all the ladies there!

Rachel and John said...

How lovely!!! You look great by the way!!

Amanda said...

that looked like a wonderful baby shower! how sweet! so glad you were able to skype your momma into the shower! :) you look beautiful!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

How nice of those ladies :-) What a great blessing!!

Lyryn said...

awe, how wonderful!!! Looks like an amazing shower!!

Emily Powell said...

so fun! I can't wait until mine!

Alison said...

What sweet friends!! Looks like you had a great baby shower!!! So fun! And so glad you got to skype your mom in!

Tori said...

How absolutely precious! I've been gone from the blogging world for a while, but now that I'm back I'm so excited for you and your sweet little one!!

The diaper cake is so cute and I love the toys in the punch idea--brilliant! =)

Alison H said...

The picture of you and your mom is SO good! You are beautiful!

Brian and Ashley said...

I have spent the past 6 months wondering if you knew my friend A. How glorious and wonderful! Oh I'm so excited.
Sounds likes fabulous shower! It's cool that your mom got to Skype in- not as good as the real thing, but at least she got to join!
Have a wonderful day!

Kaylyn said...

what an awesome shower!!! you are truly blessed! wish I could have been there too!!!!

Jessica said...

Aww, what a sweet shower your friends threw for you! Baby Grace will be so loved when she gets here :-)