Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nursery Reveal

For some reason (that not even I could explain,) today was my ultimate deadline for having the nursery completed.

We have had the furniture for over two months, the room was already painted {just like the rest of the apartment,} and we got our wardrobe made over a month ago.

Somehow, the final pieces of the nursery were just taking awhile to fall into place.

I blame it on the fact that I have to cross an international border in order to purchase quality made things.

And also on that whole "money," thing.

Oh yes, that.

This was not really a nursery on a budget.

Not because I'm against that, but simply because our options are very limited here. I am unable to just order things that are on sale and have them shipped to our house, or peruse local stores until I find the best deal (I miss Target!) or even hunt through garage sales or consignment shops.

Instead, we have about four options for home goods:

Baby Shop, which is similar to a Babies R Us, is where we got our crib and changing table from.

Ikea, that Swedish metropolis where you can furnish your entire house from one store, is where we got our rug, frames, mirror, bookcase, and daybed bedding.

Land of Nod is where we ordered our bedding from along with the daybed pillow covers. We ended up paying about double the price in order to get it shipped overseas but I'm really happy with it!

Pottery Barn Kids, where we bought our canvas containers, curtains, changing pad, cover, and day bed crib skirt.

Like I said, four options, and we utilized them all!

So, it all came down to today. The frames needed to be hung, the mirror placed, the bookcase put together, the rug rolled out, and the crib and daybed bedding put out.

Amazingly, we got it all done in less than 3 hours.

The room is just what I wanted. Lots of natural light, non cluttered, with those tell tale girlish touches of pink. It's a haven, a place that is relaxing, laid back, and calming. Exactly what I think a nursery should be!

So, here is Grace Madeline's nursery, all ready for her to arrive!

{View from the door, looking in. Changing table houses her current clothes (newborn right now,) and all of her diaper changing gear.

Love the rug that is covering up part of our crazy blue patterned tile. Neutral and super soft!

Also, her curtains were probably our biggest investment piece, as they are blackout curtains. Here in the desert, I'm not concerned about the light coming in (I love sunlight!) but I am concerned about how hot it can get in the summer- 125+! The insulation on these houses aren't the greatest and since all we have is a wall unit in our bedroom and hers, keeping the house cool is a big priority!}

{Another view of the left wall, with changing table and bookcase. All that's missing? A pink canvas hamper, which I can't find anywhere!}

{I'm loving how the bookcase turned out! The pink canvas bins hold her toys, the top set of books are hers, and the bottom set is all of my pregnancy and parenting books- at least until her collection of books overtakes it! The CD player is all ready for some lullabies or play time music and the top is ready to hold my cup or snack while I nurse.}

{The crib is a sleigh bed crib with thicker slats that I just love. The bedding has three different coordinating patterns and was classy with a twist of modern edge without having any characters or animals on it, which I was trying to avoid.}
{Last summer, when we were living in Vancouver, Canada, I eyed this sweet bunny rabbit in a bookstore, longing for the day when we would find out we were expecting. The day that we found out Grace was on her way (August 14th, 2010) we headed to the bookstore and scooped her up. Grace is our sweet little "bunny," and there are touches of bunny rabbits throughout the room.}

{Her sweet crib in the afternoon sun. You can see the three different patterns on the bumper, sheet, and skirt, here.}

{Oh, the prints. I've had these prints picked out for over a year. Made by Etsy seller Trafalgar's Square, they are whimsical with beautiful colors and tiny details that make them so special. I already have my prints picked out for baby #2 (and #3!)}

{Since we didn't have room for a rocker or glider in this room, mainly because the twin bed had to stay in the room, I knew I wanted to make it into an incredibly soft a relaxing place to cuddle and nurse! The down comforter is SO soft and I'm especially proud of the skirt, which I tailored from a Pottery Barn Kids crib skirt that I found on sale for 10 dollars! Tons of pillows help you to just lean back and relax!}


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LeAnna said...

It looks so sweet, and all ready for baby! Great job!

Unknown said...

It's beautiful!

cait said...

It's it!! What a cozy room!

Mrs. Lukie said...

I LOVE it! It's gorgeous...and totally ready for Miss Grace!

Lyndsey said...

I love Grace's nursery! The ruffle pillows on the bed are so cute! The whole room looks very sweet and soothing =)

Tami said...

It is absolutely beautiful! You did an excellent job with the limited resources you had. It definitely gives me hope because we will be overseas when I'm finally able to do our little girl's nursery and I'm nervous about not being able to find stuff that I love.

The Taffs said...

It's beautiful! All it needs is a sweet little baby!

Rachel and John said...

It's so lovely! Sorry I got you a boppy cover with pigs on it. I should have known you were going for something more sophisticated. Good thing it has a plain pink side.

Emily said...

It looks adorable, Britt!! Y'all did an amazing job! Can't wait to see the beautiful little girl this room will host! Love from the Vargas Clan!

Alison said...

It's so beautiful!! The perfect nursery for baby Grace!!! Can't wait to see her in it! :)

Emily Powell said...

super sweet!

Erin said...

So cute!

Jessica said...

It is beautiful...I love that it is simple yet elegant! The prints above the crib are the cutest!

Mrs. Lopez said...

Saw your post on Jenn's blog! I am 30 weeks along with our first and we are also having a girl and Grace is her middle name. That seems to be very popular right now. I love the nursery by the way!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited to get to decorate a nursery one day! Until then I am busy collecting ideas from people like you. (-:


Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Ohh Brittney, it's lovely! So sweet and girly!

Dana said...

Saw your post over on Jen's blog!! Love your nursery, so pretty!! Congrats on your baby girl!

Callie said...

Her nursery is beautiful! I love how you have the pink, but it's not overwhelming - very pretty!

Valerie said...

Her nursery is gorgeous!! I absolutely love it!!

The Barker's said...

Love the new nursery! Saw you on Jen's blog! Congrats! We are due April 7th! Any day now for the both of us! =)

Emily said...

I agree with everyone else who has commented today; the nursery is beautiful! I love how your incorporated the bed into the room too since you have nowhere to store it. So clever! Baby girl is blessed already :)

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Hi there - I've just recently found your blog :-) I thought it was exciting to find another American living overseas who's pregnant, and I enjoyed reading through several of your posts! I'm a few weeks behind you (currently 30 wks) but I had to laugh at your cravings for Mac 'N Cheese (me too!) and pregnancy brain (over here, it's called "nappy brain" - I tell my husband I have both pregnancy brain AND nappy brain).

Your nursery looks really cute and I love the furnishings you've picked out (and the cute Willow Tree figurine!). Hopefully these last few weeks will fly by for you :-)

Brian and Ashley said...

It's so beautiful! And I appreciate all the links- The Land of Nod has so much cute stuff!!
Have a super day!