Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pregnancy Brain...

I've been wondering for months when "pregnancy brain," would show up in my life.

I knew this elusive yet comical state of being would bring much entertainment to the Galloway household.

I can, after all, laugh at myself.

Most of the time.

So, yesterday, after pouring myself a glass of milk to go with my lunch, it surprised me, 4 hours later, when Ian started asking where that new gallon of milk was.

I told him, "I finished up the old one, opened the new one, and put it back in the fridge!"

"Nope, definitely not in the fridge!"

And our fridge is tiny, think just bigger than a dorm fridge and you'll get the idea, so there was no way it was hiding behind anything.

10 minutes later, and a comical search throughout the house led us to the cup cabinet, where I had pulled down my milk glass, poured a glass of milk, then promptly put the milk back into the cabinet.


Tell me I'm not alone on this one. Anyone else have a moment of "Pregnancy Brain?" What about just a "Blonde moment," that you'd like to share?

I think we could all use a laugh now and again, right?


Emily said...

I used to leave the Pledge furniture polish in the fridge! I'd be going through a major nesting fit and cleaning...then blame Gus when the furniture polish was missing! The hysterical part is that Gus wouldn't have a clue to use furniture he'd look at me like I was certifiably nuts. Which was true! I still walk into rooms and forget why I went in there! After 5 pregnancies and four kids...I'm lucky to have any brain cells left! Look up the Bill Cosby routine on parenting insanity...when you become a parent and experience's even funnier!

Amanda said...

that is too funny!!!! sadly i do stuff like this even though i'm not prego! lol! hope you have a great weekend! :)

Lyndsey said...

I can't tell you how many times I have put my cell phone in my fridge at school...I stopped counting it was getting that bad!

Mrs. Lukie said...

Can I just say that I'm jealous that you're *just now* experiencing pregnancy brain? I think I started experiencing it at about 6 weeks!

The highlights, so far:

1. Paying for about 5 bags of items at Target, then pushing an empty shopping cart out of the store and to my car, where I finally realized I had left the 5 bags at the register. ::sigh::

2. Putting dinner in the oven and setting the timer for 45 minutes. Timer going off & realizing that, uh, well, I never turned the oven on.

Ay yi yi.

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Oh how I wish I had pregnancy to blame for all my blonde moments!
I think my most recent "moment" was just a few weeks ago after I bought big jug of handsoap to refill our dispensers. I filled up a couple and then *I thought* I put the jug under the sink for later use. When I went to get it about a week later, it was gone. Hubby & I scoured the house looking for it (and we have a really small house so it couldn't have gone far!). The only thing we can figure out is that I must have filled the dispensers and then thrown the jug away while it was still nearly full with soap!

Amber said...

Haha!! That's hilarious! The other day, I was brushing my hubby was getting out of the shower, and our bathroom is far too tiny for two I spit and rinsed in the kitchen sink. A few hours later, my teeth had that yucky feeling and I wanted to brush again...but I couldn't find my toothbrush! Apparently after spitting and rinsing in the kitchen sink, I thought I should put my toothbrush away in the utensil drawer??? Hahaha!