Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Three Weeks, Grace!

(Grace, in her Easter outfit from her Gammie and PaPaw- my parents.)

Clothes: Grace is still wearing newborn sized clothes and diapers. A few of her outfits actually fit her right now, so that is encouraging! We learned the true difference between regular diapers and "premium," diapers, as the regular ones almost repel liquid- not good!

Food: We're still switching between a 2 and a half and a 3 hour schedule, depending on what the day looks like and how hungry she is. We received some Mylicon in a care package and just started using it, so hopefully the post meal gas that she has been having will get better!

Sleep: She is definitely not on any sort of a schedule yet, though I suppose she tends to sleep solidly for 2-3 daytime naps and at least 1 four hour shift at night- we just never know when those sleep periods will land!

Activity: Grace's awake time has increased more and more and she will sit contently in her bouncy seat for 10-15 minutes (she won't sleep if the vibrations are on, but she still likes it!) Though this might fall under the "sleep" category, if we go out of the house and put her in her car seat, she instantly falls asleep! We keep taking her out of the house to try to stimulate her, and she keeps sleeping! We received a mobile for her crib and it looks like she likes it!

Personality: I'm not sure if much has surfaced about her personality this week, but we have learned how to identify several of her cries, which makes it easier to soothe her!

*We gave her her first real bath on Wednesday and she liked it!
*We went out of the house for the first time this week, several times, to run errands and she was an absolute angel. She falls asleep as soon as the car is turned on and sleeps the entire time!
*She had her first diaper rash (stupid normal diapers- we WILL be paying more for those premium ones again,) and also her first projectile vomiting experience. Awesome.
*She's developing so much muscle control of her arms, and often pushes us away when our hands are near her face. I'm sure it's more involuntary/reflex than intentional, but still!
*Though we wanted to avoid it if possible, we've become a Pacifier Family. It's how we are keeping our sanity. We try to save it for when we are exhausted or nearing the end of our rope, and it soothes her about half of the time. The other half of the time she rejects it. Blah.
*We were able to show her off to family and friends this week via Skype, meaning we are just about all caught up on introductions.

Happy Easter 2011, from the Galloways!


Courtney said...

I absolutely adore your Easter family photo! It is just so precious! And Grace has an adorable Easter outfit!

Emily Powell said...

she is precious!!!

Alison said...

Pure PRECIOUSNESS!!! Happy Easter to ya'll! :)

Alison said...

Pure PRECIOUSNESS!! Happy Easter to ya'll!

Lyndsey said...

Liam takes a paci too - and although I knew BEFORE I had him that I wouldn't give him one - now I'm totally lovin it! He doesn't have it 24/7 ad it soothes him when needed which I'm all for. Ya do what ya gotta do!

She looks precious in her little bunny hat! I love that it doesn't totally fit because Liam's wouldn't either!

Callie said...

Yeah, I don't see the problem with the pacifier - if it works, it works! Most of the time for Wyatt I think it just interrupts his crying long enough for him to realize that he's okay, and then he's fine.
She is so cute - love the family picture!

Amber said...

She is adorable!!! And I really love her crib bedding.

Unknown said...

aww. you guys make such a sweet family!