Sunday, May 15, 2011

Get To Know You

I'm joining up with Get To Know You today because my brain hurts too much to write a post by myself. I love this week's questions though!

1. have you ever gone to see a movie by yourself? Yes, I saw the "new" Superman back in 2006 all by myself. I was working as a summer camp counselor/lifeguard at a camp up in the Poconos for 9 weeks and this was my only chance to be completely by myself for that whole time. That and when I would go out to the parking lot, crawl in my car and just sit an

2. would you rather go through a tornado or a hurricane? I've gone through both of these and I'll have to say I'd rather go through a tornado. Tornadoes are more powerful and deadly, but they are sprung on you and are over within minutes, and the path of destruction is smaller and defined, while a hurricane has so much dread and anticipation with it. Having lived in Florida my whole life I've lived through alot of hurricanes, and the worst part about them is that they last SO long. I say that is the worst part, not because you get bored sitting in your house for days on end (which you do,) but it's the worst because if your house gets damaged, there is little you can do for hours and hours, days and days to repair it. The hurricane season of the fall of 2004 was just the worse. Orlando didn't get hit compared to other parts of the state, but we still had alot of damage. I had kids at my high school coming early to shower and get cleaned up at school for months after the hurricanes because it was taking that long to get things repaired!

3. have you made summer vacation plans? Kind of! Our school runs until the end of June, then we have to stick around in July for me to take private lessons to get all caught up, and then in August we hope to be taking a vacation to {maybe} France!

4. what's your favorite accessory? I usually like a long, dangly necklace or shoes that make me feel good about myself!

5. have you ever been thrown a surprise party? My friends threw me a going away/early 23rd birthday party in January of 2010. It was such a surprise and so much fun!

6. are you friends with your neighbors? No, our building has 5 units and for our first 5 months or so we were the only ones in the building. Then, the rest of the building filled up, but with all single men or with families that did not speak

7. what's the last movie you saw in the theater? It was Tron: Legacy, that we saw for Ian's birthday last fall. Our town doesn't have a movie theater and the big cities don't show all the same movies that the States do.

8 what's your favorite food network show? That would be Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives! I'm always amazed at the food on that show! We would love to go to a few of the restaurants the next time we are in the States!

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Kristi McInerney said...

I loved this post! I hope you don't mind if I copy you! Thanks for sharing more fun details about you!