Sunday, May 29, 2011

There's A First Time for Everything

In life there are alot of "Firsts."

First smile,
First laugh,
First crawl,
First steps,
First solid food,

You get the picture, I'm sure.

The list can go on and on throughout your life, right up until you die.

Hopefully "first death," isn't followed by a second.

Because that is just weird.

Grace had a first today, one that most people don't have until they are well into their teenage years!

First Passport PhotoLet me just note that this is a very "Arab," picture. The photographer edited the picture after he took it, and added make up (to my two month old!) Lip gloss, pastier skin (because apparently we aren't white enough!) and, the cherry on top, he drew on eyebrows.

Oh yes, he did.

So, poor Gracie has her first passport photo and it isn't the most flattering (though it really isn't unflattering, since she's a baby and is cute as can be.)

Good thing I don't have MY first passport photo to share with you.

Talk about unflattering.

I'm pretty sure I got it taken right after a swim team practice, chlorine hair, red goggle eyes and all.

I. was. awesome.

But, alas, that passport was done away with when I was no longer a minor, and then passport #2 was done away with when I changed my name! So now I have the half decent picture of me in my passport.

AND, if you really wanted to see an unflattering passport picture, I wish I could show you Ian's first passport picture. He was about 65 pounds heavier! He still had that picture when he was living in Jordan and traveling alot. The customs and border agents would give him a hard time because the picture no longer looked like him at all! He's now on passport #2 and doesn't have a problem with the picture not matching his face.

And speaking of a picture not matching the face....what happens when Grace is 2, 3, or 4 and she no longer looks like a 2 month old infant? Hmmm.

Grace will go with us on Tuesday for her first embassy visit to apply for her passport, birth certificate, and social security.

The firsts keep rolling in!

So here's to a "first," and many more to come!


Joe and Patty said...

she is still adorable!! :) Glad to see you're doing so well so far from home.

Sonya said...

She definitely has some unique firsts!

LeAnna said...

Okay, that is hilariously cute! I can't believe he drew on her eyebrows and gave her lip gloss. LOL! She's still precious, tho. ;)

Tori said...

Wow! I had no idea they edited passport pictures like that...crazy.

She really is a sweetie <3

The Barker's said...

I can't believe they could do edits! No way!!! I agree with what they will do in a year or so. They should give you free upgrades on new passports as she ages!

Rachel and John said...

That's hilarious that they do that!

How often does Grace have to get her picture taken? It's weird that babies have pictures because they change so much in the first year!

Chelsea said...

That is so weird! I can't believe they put lip gloss on her! Owen's passport picture was awful too- he kept closing his eyes because of the flash so he looks drugged. I know I am going to hear about that when he gets older (as I can almost assure you will with Grace...)

Tami said...

I can't believe how they edited that picture! You are right though- she is adorable no matter what. Emerson will be getting her passport photo made in the next few weeks. It's so funny because I didn't get my passport until I was 28 and she's going to have one before she's 2 months old. :)

Mrs. Ruby said...

SO funny...makes for some good memories. And what a well-traveled little one! :)

Callie said...

Oh my, that's so funny that he edited her picture like that!