Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who I Am

Who I Am

I am... Brittney.

I want... a vacation somewhere where I can wear short sleeves, eat pork, and not hear Arabic.

I have... a scar on my leg from a surfboard fin from my "surfing," days and a scar on my foot from where a nail went through it, when I fell through the ceiling from our attic.

I wish... I knew how to play the violin and was a better photographer. I don't have a way to work on the violin thing but if I applied myself (and got my lens cleaned, ha!) I bet I could be a little more happy with my pictures.

I hate... telling people no. It's a big problem of mine and I should work on it.

I fear... financial instability, kidnapping, and confrontations.

I hear... Bach: Goldberg Variations by Glenn Gould (oh please check it out, it's amazing!), Grace squawking, and Ian shaving.

I search... For Turkey sausage and Tim Tams (an Australian cookie,) whenever we are in big grocery stores.

I wonder... what Grace will be like in 1 week, 1 month, and/or 1 year from now.

I regret... not saving more money during my high school and college years. I worked all the time, and although I paid for some major trips by myself, I really do not know what I did with the rest of that money! To think that we could probably be debt free now if I had saved some is frustrating.

I love... my husband, Ian, for all that he has accomplished, for all he is, and for all that is to come in his life.

I ache... for friendship. I grew up with the same group of girlfriends and I've now been away from them for a year and a half/3 years (depending on how you look at it.) They are my bosom friends, more like me than not like me, and I am so comfortable with them. I'm lonely alot out here.

I always... buckle up in a car.

I usually... eat oatmeal for breakfast. I like feeling full and warm as I start my day, plus, the low sugar varieties are healthier than alot of cereal options!

I am not... an extrovert. I think I sometimes wish I was, but I know the struggles extroverts have and I think I'm content with the struggles introverts have, ha!

I dance... in my living room. I love dancing with kids to fun music, and can't wait to have "dance parties," with Grace!

I sing... in groups. I can harmonize but make me sing solo and I freeze up!

I never... went to my high school prom and I only went to my Freshman homecoming dance. I think they are wastes of time and money and a place where many bad decisions are made by the youth of America. Sorry if that's a downer, ha, I've just seen too much! That being said, I wouldn't stop my children from going if they wanted to. It was my personal choice to go or not and I want to have raised my kids in a way that by the time they reach their high school years they can make smart decisions no matter where they are.

I sometimes... wonder what life would be like if we moved home. Where would we live, where would Ian work? It's fun to imagine, but I know, for now, we are where we are supposed to be.

I cry... during October Sky....every time. I'm not really sure why, but when he is going down into the coal mine and he looks up at the sky and the violin is playing, I lose it.

I am not always... a healthy eater. I have a really big sweet tooth and I LOVE to bake

I lose... things, all the time. And I get very frustrated when I can't find them!

I am confused... about American pop culture. And I'm American! For instance, what is up with "Whip My Hair?" Am I missing a key piece to the puzzle by being over here?

I need... a hair cut. I haven't gotten it cut since we moved to Canada then here. I've trimmed it a few times but it needs a real cut!

I should... be studying Arabic right now!


Kristi McInerney said...

I love this post! Can I copy it and try it next week?

Brittany said...

Thank you for sharing!!!

Amber said...

I think I might copy it from you too :). And I'm totally with you on the Hugh school dances! I went to one tolo and showed up to my senior ball for roughly 15 minutes (we just walked around the city all dressed up the rest of the time and had WAY more fun doing that!

Emily Powell said...

Baby wise question - Georgia is 6 days old. We don't do snack feedings, I always get in a whole feeding before she falls asleep but if I try to keep her awake afterwards she gets too fussy and then won't/can't fall asleep. When she does fall asleep she averages 2-4 hour naps but the whole wake then sleep time...she fights it and screams like crazy. Any tips?

Jessica said...

I could say "ditto" to a lot of these, especially having trouble saying no to people and being an extrovert.

I'm sorry to hear that it's lonely there :-( Praying that that gets better for you!

I did not know you surfed! How cool!

cait said...

Loved getting to know you better through this! I'm just fine being an introvert, too! :) And I have the same thoughts on financial stability...and although you can't change the past...I wish I hadn't "blown" so much money in college! Goodness! :)