Thursday, July 21, 2011

What a Way to Start My Summer!

As of yesterday, around 1 pm, I am officially on summer break!

I took my final exams in Arabic and passed both, meaning that I get to start back with my class in the fall! It's been alot of hard work, making up for my maternity leave but I am so excited to be back where I should be.

Summer plans include lots of reading, some shopping, skyping, traveling, family time, and snuggles with Grace. Oh yes, and getting caught up on blogging.

That too.

Because things have been pretty exciting around these parts.

*We busted a tire on a recent road trip.

*Grace went from rolling over, to not doing anything at all (her laziness must come from me, ha!) to rolling right off of our ottoman. Guess she shouldn't hang out there anymore.

*Care packages have been coming in! New Bible studies, pajamas, a infant mirror for the car, and Butterfingers are some of the newest treasures.

*My friend got engaged! Yay, Katie!

*I chopped off my hair! I had been waiting and waiting to get over the border and into a salon but it didn't happen, so I grabbed our scissors and snipped away! 3-4 inches later and my hair feels so much lighter and healthier!

*Speaking of the border (the looming giant in our lives,) Grace received her visa! Which means we can cross back and forth with ease now! Yay for access to air conditioned shopping and, you know, medical care!

And wouldn't you know it, Grace gave me the best gift on my first full day of summer break....she slept through the night!


Lauren said...

Woohoo for Summer Break! and mmm...Butterfingers that would be something that's hard to live without!

Rachel and John said...

Woo for sleeping through the night! I can't wait for Henry to give me that gift!

Michal Renee said...

I've been thinking about taking the plunge and cutting my hair much shorter too. It's so hot here these days! I think I might chicken out and just color my hair then decide if I'm going to go shorter. I bet yours is so cute!

The Barker's said...

Yeah for sleeping through the night!!! Enjoy your break!!!

The McQueen's said...

Yeah for finally starting your summer break! If anyone deserves it, you do! We're so proud of all the hard work you put into these last few months and doing it with little sleep and a newborn. Love and Miss you guys! Love all the pics, videos and updates!

The McQueen's said...

P.S. I want to see some pics of this new hair!!! Love me some short hair!!!

Jessica said...

Can't wait to see your hair! Sounds like a great start to summer