Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Four Months, Grace!

Clothes: Grace is in 0-3 month clothing and will probably be there for another two months! She still has one or two newborn sleepers that we use, but I'm probably about to retire them, as she can't stretch her legs all the way out! Her head is, eh-hm, rather large, which makes it difficult to get some onesies on.

Bless her heart. I live daily with the curse of a big head as well.

Food: We tweaked the schedule slightly this month.Grace is still eating every 3 hours, 7 am until 11 pm. (her last 3 hours is actually a 4-5 hour stretch I suppose, as I do her dream feed right before I go to bed.) She usually eats for about 6-10 minutes per side.

Sleep: I sense the winds of change are blowing in with Grace's sleep schedule. I really think she is close to being able to go to a 4 hour schedule, but when we did a trial run, it wrecked her night time sleep, so we are back to a 3 hour schedule.

Example of a day:

7am- wake, feed, play

8:15- nap time

10 am- wake, feed, play

11:30- nap time (eventually, this would be the nap we'd like to drop, with her wake time extending to a normal lunch time and then going down for an afternoon nap around 1, 1:30)

1 pm- wake, feed, play

2:30- nap time

4:30 pm- wake, feed, play (I let her sleep an extra 30 minutes here,)

5:30 pm- short nap

6:30 pm- bath time

7:00 pm- final feed and then in bed by 7:20

11:30 pm- dream feed

Activity: Grace is on the move! Kind of. Well, not really.

But compared with before, she is really moving!

Grace has rolled over from her tummy to her back many times, but seems to have regressed some this past week. Also, on August 1st, 2011, she rolled over for the first time from back to stomach!

Grace loves her rattles and likes to be pulled into a sitting position by just her fingers grasped on ours.

She also started making some crazy noises on August 1st! At first we thought she was fussy or in pain, but we realized she is just trying out her voice!

Personality: Grace loves to be talked to and likes to be paid attention to. I hope that doesn't mean she is going to be high maintenance!


*Grace really discovered her hands this month. We refer to her now as Big Drool (her rapper name, ha!)
*We also refer to her as Pterodactyl because of the squeaking noise she makes!
*Grace went swimming for the first time in the ocean and pool this month!
*Grace had her first cold in June. It lasted almost seven days and was mainly alot of congestion, sneezing, with two days of (low) fevers. She had a hard time nursing and sleeping because her nose was so stuffed up.
*We finally changed her pacifier from a newborn to a size 3 month one. Anyone know the difference? I compared the two and I could not see one single difference!
*She graduated to a baby tub from her infant sink sponge. She loves kicking and splashing about!


Amber said...

Isn't it fun when they discover their voices? Eden LOVES having conversations with us. And on the pacifier...the only difference I noticed was that the 3+ month one was slightly longer (I guess to accomodate a larger mouth?).

Mrs. Lopez said...

Yay for her rolling over! That's exciting. I noticed your schedule is similar to ours except we feed first then have wake time followed by nap time. Did you read Baby Wise?

Joe and Patty said...

You really seem to be enjoying motherhood! It is the greatest adventure really! Props to you also for nursing, we're still nursing at 14 months and I'm thrilled that we got to breastfeed for so long. She's getting prettier by the minute, enjoy every minute it goes by fast!

Callie said...

She's so sweet! I didn't even know there was separate newborn and 3 month pacifiers. I know there are six month pacifiers, because we have some and they are most definitely bigger. Probably has something to do with being orthodontically correct, but there really wouldn't be much change between newborn and 3 months, unless she's getting a tooth in, at least that's what I'd think.

Lyndsey said...

Hahaha I love the pterodactyl reference - Liam sounds like that too with his crazy squealing!

I was reading Callie's post and saw your comment about using hot tea when flying. We're taking Liam on his first flight in Sept. and I'm really interested to see how that works out for you because I may have to use it! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) 4 months, Grace!!

Sometimes the difference in the stages of the pacifiers is in the firmness.