Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Weekend

I came up with this meme, called "Our Weekend," last month as a way to capture the little things in a not so exciting weekend. We're not always going out and doing things that are blog worthy, but I want to remember the simple things in life that made up weekends! I love that so many of you joined in did your own "Our Weekend" post and would love to read more about your weekend if you decide to join this time!

Outside my window...
Scooters zooming past, the call to prayer ringing in the dawning night air, the soccer field (read, dust bowl,) emptying of its teenage occupants as they hurry home before dusk.

I am thinking
that emotions get the better of me. If only I could be as logically minded as I would like .

I am smelling
chicken baking and cleaners from a freshly scrubbed bathroom.

I am thankful
that I only have 2 weeks left before our fall break. My mind is bogged down with Arabic.

From my kitchen-
Baked Potato Soup with the precious commodity of bacon and bacon grease, cherry chip cake, homemade pizza puffs, and Grace's new baby foods- peas and apples.

I am wearing
a fleece and pajama pants. And socks. I think it has dipped down into the 80's and my house is FREEZING!

I am creating
a banner for a baby shower I am co-hosting this weekend. Or rather, the idea behind the banner, as I have yet to track down colored paper in this town.

I am going
to the bathroom alot. Is that "too much information?" My bad. I'm trying to drink alot of water because I have not been making enough milk lately. Also "too much information?" Again, so sorry.

I am reading
Boundaries with Kids, the book of Luke, and adoption blogs.

I am hoping
that my test in Arabic goes well tomorrow. Two weeks ago they "surprised" us with a test before we had even finished the chapter. I was so surprised and SO angry that I just started bawling (silently, of course, I'm a silent crier,) and my poor teacher just stared at me as snot streamed down my face and as I tried to finish the listening portion of the test. Then I excused myself and went home because I was such a mess.

Yeah, I'm hoping I do better than that. Especially since I know this test is coming.

I am hearing
the toilet running, cars squealing, the neighbor kids running up and down the stairs.

We Decided
to go to bed early last night. I love sleep.

Our Music-
the Goldberg Variations- please look them up online, such a CHEAP set of classical music for over 75 minutes worth of music. Beautiful!

Our Viewing-
the new episode of Terra Nova, we're really liking it! Anne of Green Gables and the Sequel. Love, LOVE, love!

One of my favorite things- we paid off one out of two credit cards! What a big sigh of relief! Now to knock out the second one!

We're looking forward to fall break in just two little weeks! We have a trip for Ian's work so we'll be headed out of the country but I am so excited to get away!

A Glimpse Within-{And if you can't read it, her shirt says "Made From Scratch!"}


Callie said...

Aa, I love that onesie! So cute!

Emily said...

She is sooooo cute!

Brian and Ashley said...

So fun! She is adorable- especially in that pan! I hope the two weeks before your break go well- maybe you can see the light at the end of the tunnel? Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing weekend!

Alison said...

Love this! She is so precious!!! And love hearing that you're reading adoption blogs! :)

Lyndsey said...

Grace's onesie is adorable! I love a good casual weekend :)

Good luck on your test!

Jessica said...

These posts are fun! And I really love that picture of Grace...too cute