Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Nine Months, Grace!

Weight: 16 pounds no ounces
Height: 26.5 inches
Head: 16.5 inches

She's in the 10th percentile all around. My tiny baby girl may be small, but she IS growing, praise the Lord! She probably put on 2 of those 16 pounds, just in the last 3 weeks, since putting her on formula.

Clothes: Grace is STILL in 3-6 months clothes. I almost switched her up to 6-9 month clothes but didn't because 1.) my reason for doing so was because I was bored with her 3-6 months clothes and 2.) she doesn't actually fit in 6-9 yet. Poor small, petite baby!

Food: During her eighth month, I completely weaned Grace from nursing and started her on formula. It was a very easy process and she has adjusted well to the bottle and formula. Before the switch, Grace had dropped from the 25th percentile to the 10th and had actually lost weight. For the two months following that weigh in, Grace did not put on more than a pound or two. Grace was getting the majority of her calories from solid food, and only 1-2 oz per nursing session. She could put a way HUGE amounts of solid food, but when we switched to formula, she was suddenly getting the appropriate amount of calories from milk and stopped eating solids almost altogether!

She finally started eating some small amounts of food near the end of the month. I've been so happy with her weight gain though!

Sleep: Grace sleeps from 7pm until 7am, but the change to formula has also brought about a change in her sleep schedule. She started waking up around 3 very hungry. We give her a bottle and then she goes right back to sleep. She naps for 2-3 hours in the afternoon when we get home from school.

Activity: Grace has become so active this month! It's been interesting to see, when compared to other babies her age, how active she really is! She is constantly moving, constantly making noise. There is no snuggle and cuddle moments or fall asleep together. It is go, go, GO, until she falls into bed asleep.

She rolls all over the floor now and she has learned how to scoot on her belly, but only backwards. She learned how to pull her legs up underneath her and she rocks back and forth.

She learned how to splash in the tub, say ma-ma, ba-ba, and da-da.

She lifts her arms up to be held and she holds things out to you in an offer of sharing.

Personality: Grace has become very clingy during this month. She doesn't want us to be in any other room than the one she is in, when she is awake. She's also become quite the ham, loving to make people smile and laugh- I love this about her!

Likes: Grace loves it when we pretend to eat her play food.

*Her Pacifiers, *food, *naps, *bath time, *her feet.*


*diaper changes, * being left alone, *being dropped off at daycare.*

Book of the Month: "The Very First Christmas," by Suzanne Berry (audio recorded my my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin!) and "Winnie the Pooh's Plan Bee," (audio recorded by Grace's Gammie and PaPaw, my parents!)

Song of the Month: "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." This was Grace's lullabye during those long sleepless nights of her first couple of weeks. We say He's Got....Grace Madeline, Gammie and PaPaw, MiMi and Grandpa, the Mammas and the Papas, all the ______ fill in the blank with a nationality.....In His Hands! It's alot of fun to see what you can come up with.


*Grace had her first "case of food poisoning on December 8th. Poor baby got sick in her crib, but after that she felt all better!

*Grace pulled up onto all fours on December 26th (I think.)

*Grace loves to have Ian run his finger up and down on her lips while she makes sounds (what is this called?)

*Grace said Ma-ma, Da-da very loudly!

Grace, my sweet baby girl. You are nine months old and so much is changing. You are on the brink of SO many new changes. I have a feeling teeth and hair are on the horizon and crawling is right around the corner (and then, that is where YOU will be!) I'm so excited to see how you change but I also want you to stay just as you are. I'm trying to cherish every smile and laugh you have to give to us.

Your Momma


Tami said...

That's great news that she is gaining with the formula and that the transition went well. It's hard to believe that she is 9 months. It feels like we will all be celebrating our babies' first birthdays before we know it. Happy 9 Months sweet Grace!

Lyndsey said...

Happy 9 Months little lady! I love that she's so tiny, but I'm partial to bitty babies myself :)

A friend of mine has a baby the same age as ours, and when he first start crawling he would only go backwards too. It was so funny watching him back himself up into a corner and look at us like, "now what??" ha!

Natalie said...

what a tiny little peanut-so cute! :)
I was trying to think of what that is called when they do that with their finger/lips but all i can think is a sound haha!