Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Week

Where We've Been? Just here, in our house most of the time. Exciting, huh?

What have we been doing? Being entirely too wrapped up in final exams for our third semester of studying Arabic full time. That, and I can officially say, "Spring Cleaning, Check!"

Obviously, there hasn't been alot of blogging going on around here. That's because both Ian's and my laptop batteries died within the last month, making my computer time alot shorter than before.

Grace has been her adorably charming self. She's been teething and working on a yeast infection for he last 3-4 weeks (it's just awful, but hopefully we have her on the right medicine now,) but she is just infectiously fun (and infectious in other manners as well. Did you know yeast infections are contagious? Yeah. Now I know.)

Who are we with? As of right now? Just our little family. Alot of our friends are out of town or traveling during our between semester break right now. But, in just 24 hours, my parents arrive! I can't wait to give them both a huge hug and let them see their granddaughter for the first time ever!

When does life get back to normal? I suppose it depends on what you mean by "normal." We start back to school in two weeks, and will be beginning our fourth and final semester of language school. After that we'll be moving to a BIG CITY! We're pretty sure it is one city but it could possibly be a different one, so I'll wait to announce that until later.

Why do two weeks of vacation go by so much quicker than two weeks of work/study? And for that, I have no answer.

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