Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Question and Answer- Part Two

The other day, I wrote Part One of a question and answer post. Today is all about family life though, so here are some questions ya'll have asked!

Jessica asked, "What has surprised you the most about motherhood so far?"

I think the most surprising thing for me, was how active and hands on Grace is during the day. In my nannying days, I always worked with families of 2-4 kids, and the youngest was at least 8 months old when I started. The siblings kept each other pretty well entertained and the littlest always had someone to play with them.

That's not the case with Grace though. She's learning to play by herself, little by little, but in the meantime, we have to switch off the tv, step away from the computer, and put down our books in order to play with her and keep her busy during the day. It can be exhausting some times!

Callie asked, "What is your favorite thing to do together (with Ian or Grace or both) when you aren't studying/in class?"

I have two favorite things. The first would be what we do every afternoon, when we pick Grace up from daycare and come home. We come into the house, drop our bags on the floor, and snuggle on our bed all together. Grace rolls around, laughs, crawls, and claps to her heart's delight. It makes us all so happy.

The other thing would be to go out as a family to a restaurant or mall. Ever since I was a nanny and would take the kids to the park or out to eat, I always dreamed about the day that we would be able to go out as our own family.

Tami asked, "How many kids do you guys want and how far apart do you want them?"

Oh, good question. The truth is, I'd love a big family, say 6 to 8 kids (I'm so serious.) I could see us having 4-6 biologically, waiting until the youngest started school and adopting several more. I have a big heart for adoption but God would have to provide in a big way. Really, God would have to provide in a big way anyways, as having 4-6 kids biologically would push us past our finances anyways!

I want the first three relatively close together, all within 5 years, then I'll reassess after that, ha!
Stephanie asked, "I was curious why you had to leave the country you are in (still unclear which country that actually is) to give birth to your daughter. Was it because of a lack of healthcare there?"

Sarah asked, "What are you looking for in a new home?"

Light! And windows! Really, natural lighting in abundance is probably my number one requirement.

Modern fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom (or at least, up to date,) and no crazy tile on the floor or walls (a style that is prevalent here!)

I'd love to have an in home work space or office for Ian, seeing as we have a huge desk and 7 book cases that will be arriving in our crate in a couple of months. I also want the bedrooms to all be near each other, for safety reasons.

Emily asked, "What is at the top of your bucket list for the near future?"

I really want to do some things outdoors. I'd love to go on a hot air balloon ride, swim with dolphins, or go para sailing sometime this year. One of my other bucket list goals was to speak Arabic or Swahili fluently, and whenever we get the okay to leave language school, I will count that as "fluent!" (though we really will still be far from fluency.)

I have a couple of reading and cooking goals that are part of my new year's resolutions that will check things off of my bucket list too.

Kelly asked, "You seem so sure about God's plan for your life. Is there anything that you have regretted in your past?"

I get asked this question alot, especially when people hear that we've moved over here. I think I feel like I should regret not going to my senior prom, since it is (to most people,) such an important event. But to me, I didn't go because the guy I wanted to go with didn't invite me. Turns out, I married that guy, so, I win.

I won't say that I live a life without regrets though, because I think that if you don't look back on your life and recognize your humanness- your imperfections and flaws, then you are missing out on a big growth opportunity.

I think my #1 regret would be that I didn't get to teach in a classroom for very long. We felt that when I lost my job, for budget reasons, that it was God closing a door and opening a path for us to come out here. In hindsight, I think that it could have also been a chance for us to rely on God's provision and to rest in Him to secure a different teaching job. I had been talking about teaching since I was probably 12 and had done so much in the field before I even graduated college. I know that I could have been a wonderful teacher and that God gave me these passions and gifts for a reason. I do wish that I had gotten 3-5 years in the classroom, but not at the sacrifice of following our hearts and starting our family when we did.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! If you think of anything else you've always wondered, let me know and I will put together a part three!

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Tami said...

I loved reading your answers and I feel like I learned a lot about you with just a few short questions! I had no idea you guys wanted 6 or more kids! What a fun family you will have! :)