Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Eleven Months, Grace!

Clothes: I finally switched all of her clothes out and she is officially wearing 6-9 months clothing. She had a big growth spurt at the end of the last month/beginning of this month, so I don' really expect her to have another one for awhile. This set of clothes are good but i is mainly a bunch of onesies or sun dresses, and I don't want o send her to he nursery in dresses because they will just get ruined, ha!

Food: We switched Grace to three bottles a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with 2-3 "meals" a day. I'm really struggling to find foods that she can gum her way through. She wants to be able to eat more but she just doesn't have the tooth power yet to do it. Alot of bananas, apples, softened carrots, cucumbers, yogurt, crackers, and some cereal. She eats my breakfast with me each morning (a bowl of oatmeal,) and seems o really like that.

We were at a friends' house for dinner one night and the husband was holding Grace while we ate dessert. He said "I bet you'd love to eat some chocolate cake, huh?" and hen like a slow motion scene, I couldn't get he words out of my mouth fast enough that she hadn't/shouldn't have chocolate! I was a little bummed that her first taste of chocolate (that I know of, anything could happen at daycare, I suppose,) wasn't her first birthday cake, but it was just a lick. I've had a chocolate allergy in the past so I was really worried about that- luckily she didn't have any reaction!

So far, she is only allergic to avocado. We will retry it after her first birthday to see if she has outgrown her allergy or not.

Sleep: Last month, I wrote about how I was nervous because we had to get Grace back on a good sleeping schedule since i had been disturbed because of her yeast infection. Thankfully, she slipped right back into her routine and sleeps from 7 am until 7 pm. She has even stared taking a longer nap when we get home from school, nearly 3 hours!

I am also so grateful that her teething has disturbed her sleep! She got her second tooth (bottom middle, left,) this month and it was really just one afternoon of fussiness and then it was over. No fever, no waking up in the night!

Activity: Grace has become a lot more proficient crawling, pulling up on things, and generally, getting into trouble! She loves to crawl into the bathroom and pull out her bath toys and play with them, which I am fine with. I have a problem when she starts playing with the toilet seat lid. Gross!

She loves to crawl to my nightstand and take everything off of it. I've baby proofed it now, so it is just a couple of sealed lotion containers, but it brings her so much joy to knock it all off! Silly baby. She has also gotten really good at flipping through board books and pulling things out of containers- she concentrates so hard!

Personality: Grace has really started seeking us out for comfort when she is hurt, bored, hungry, tired, or just in need of a snuggle. She is go, go, GO, right up until bedtime and I can't imagine her ever falling asleep anywhere but in her bed, since she has to be involved in whatever is going on or yelling ou baby words whenever possible.

Likes: Grace loves it when we play "chase," and she tries to get away!

*Her Pacifiers, *bananas, *clapping hands to "If You're Happy and You Know It, *worship time at group, *naps, *bath time, *climbing into the taxis when she is in her carrier


*diaper changes, * being left alone, *Having to wait long for her bottle*

Book of the Month: "Fox in Socks," by Dr. Seuss. Ian has been reading this to Grace and she is sitting still for more and more of it!

Song of the Month: "Catch a Falling Star," was her first original lullaby that I sang to her all night long on her first night after being born. I haven't sung it to her in awhile but it came back to me this month and she just gets so calm and still when I sing it to her!


*Grace is still in her baby car seat! She isn't a year old yet and is still less than 20 pounds (18.6, I think,) so we're keeping her in it for awhile longer. Her car seat can hold her safely in it until she is 30 pounds and 30 inches long, so we have awhile more. Plus, it's saving us from having to buy her big girl seat yet! I always think it is funny when I see other babies, younger than Grace, graduating to their forward facing seat because it just reminds me how tiny she is!

*Grace is closer to walking. She cruises and will often put her feet flat on the ground when she is crawling and straighten her legs, but she hasn't quite figured out how to lift her upper body. Despite her curiosity, she is a surprisingly cautious baby and lowers herself really gently from the standing position. I think she still has another month or two until we see those first steps.

Grace, my beautiful baby girl. I can hardly believe you are just one month away from being one year old! I cried this morning as I gave you your bottle, knowing that these days are numbered and that you will become more and more independent in the weeks to come. Though I want to pause these last few days of your first year, I am also desperately looking forward to this summer, when I get to be the stay at home mommy that I have always wanted to be with you! You are beautiful, both inside and out, and I am eager to see the little girl that you will become. Sleep well and enjoy these simple times.
Your Momma


Lauren said...

she's so gorgeous! and I think it's so sad to box up their clothes...I folded all of Elyse's newborn stuff yesterday, such a bittersweet moment!

Lyndsey said...

Happy 11 Months, Grace!

I can't believe how itty bitty she is, but I think it's super cute :)

Liam is doing the same thing with cruising all over the place and crawling with his feet, but I think we have some time still until walking begins too. I'm glad!

I can't believe our babies are only ONE month away from ONE!